Dracil’s BlogJournal

May 20, 2008

Things younger than John McCain

Yeah, the Kentucky and Oregon primaries are going on today, but Oregon’s results won’t be out till 11PM. In the meantime, there are much more interesting and important things to talk about, like John McCain’s age.

Did you know that John McCain is older than both of Obama’s parents?  Yep, that old.  He’s also older than both Alaska and Hawaii, and was a full-fledged adult by the time they were both incorporated into the good ol’ 50-state USA of today.  Heck, did you know he’s even older than the Golden Gate Bridge?  Think about that the next time you take a walk or drive on it.  At least the bridge is made out of steel and won’t have to travel around the world like McCain would if he was president.  Talk about a true relic of ancient history. :P

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