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June 7, 2008

Presidential candidates’ views on tech issues

I had original planned on blogging this on Thursday, but for got and ended up writing that shot blurb about Zon instead.

Anyway, I think this is a really good article about how Obama, Clinton, and McCain plan to handle important tech issues.

NET NEUTRALITY: Both Obama and Clinton support this.  They actually co-sponsored the Internet Freedom Preservation Act.  McCain is against it.  Hence he fails.

BROADBAND AVAILABILITY: Clinton and Obama favor improving access.  Obama and McCain both favor raising the definition of broadband (currently 200kbits/s, which is 25kB/s to regular people :P).  I guess I prefer Obama’s stance as it would do more.

H-1B VISAS: Clinton and McCain both support increasing the cap.  Clinton will raise fees though.  Obama suggests changing the system to be less reliant on those with foreign degrees.  Between Clinton and McCain, I would prefer McCain’s policy better though Clinton’s proposal would be more likely to pass.  Obama’s more of a wildcard.  For my personal situation, Obama’s plan would probably benefit me the most since I got my degrees in the US, but it would certainly hurt foreign nationals in general.  Of course anything proposed by any of these three would most likely be useless to me by the time I could use it.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION: Clinton wants to force other nations to respect imaginary property.  Obama would rather try to get them to cooperate.  McCain seems to have the most hands-off approach (and thus most likely to succeed)

PRIVACY: Both Obama and Clinton have good policies.  Obama is more offensive and about going after phishers/scammers.  Clinton’s is more defensive, and attempts to protect consumer rights.  McCain of course, is an idiot here, and wants to provide wiretapping immunity to the telecom companies.

May 10, 2008

Fixing Windows Mobile Device Center and your phone

That was a painful ordeal.  Apparently I got plagued with multiple problems at once which is why it was so hard to get it all working (and I didn’t want to rely on a hard reset).  I’ve put together all the possible solutions I found related to connecting Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync) to your phone

WMDC just hangs when you connect your device, you get a red x or error message in WMDC, or just generally not being able to connect your phone to your computer

Solution 1:
1) Connect your device
2) Go to Manager (Computer > Properties)
3) Find the Portable Devices node
4) Locate the Windows Mobile device entry
5) Choose to uninstall the driver
6) Reconnect your device

Solution 2:
1) On your phone, go to Start \ Settings \ Connections
2) Select USB to PC
3) Uncheck the box next to Enable Advanced Network Functionality

Solution 3:
Turn off your firewalls (Zonealarm, Window’s built-in firewall, Live OneCare)

You can connect to WMDC, your phone even says it’s connected, but you still get a red x or error message in WMDC.  You can browse your phone and open files, but you are unable to copy, delete, move, or install files.  No applications appear in the Remove Program screen.  Missing icons in your start menu.

1) Soft reset the device
2) Start \ Office Mobile \ Word
3) Create a new document (click on New)
4) Type some text (no formatting)
5) File \ Save As…
6) Save as Plain Text (*.txt)
7) Click No When asked whether to save as a Word document instead
8) Soft reset the device
9) Start file explorer, find the file (My Device \ My Documents), click on it
10) Add some formatting (change to bold)
11) Close Word – Click Yes when asked again whether to save as a Word format
12) Soft reset the device

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