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November 16, 2008

Nationwide Protest against Proposition 8 in San Francisco


So… I went to the protest today.

Well, first I went to Calumet to try out a photography vest.  Decided not to get it ’cause they only had black (which can get really hot).  I mainly want one so I don’t have to keep bringing bags.

There were several protesters on the bus I took to city hall.  I arrived half an hour early but there was already a really large crowd.

There were a bunch of political and religious figures that gave speeches like Mark Leno or Amos Brown or the girl sent by Barbara Lee.  There were also LGBT people including a hermaphrodite.  For the most part, they tried to tell people to stop scapegoating other communities.  I think it helped the message that some of the people up there were African-American preachers and gay mormons.

I went to get lunch when it was over at 12:45 (15 minutes overtime) and saw the protesters march past while I was eating.  Went to get some books over at Japantown, then went back to downtown to go home and we hit the protesters who were basically marching on the streets and blocking traffic.

As I was heading to the Bart I saw a big crowd of people watching a performance by The Loyd Family Players.  They took a 5 minute break but the police came and made them go away during their break.


June 7, 2008

Sex and the City

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This was agreed on with Leqi about last weekend.  She texted me and asked if I wanted to see it on Wed, but I had Dine About Town, so we set it for today.

After I got out of the station, I noticed a mini protest (Free the Cuban Five), so I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures.  One of the people actually came up to me and asked if I was a reporter.  :D  That was kinda cool, and I don’t even have a telephoto lens yet.  If only he knew I was committing a very newbie mistake at the time (forgot to check my ISO so everything was shot at ISO 1600) :P

Called Leqi who was inside already.  Was going to get Out The Door for dinner but they were closed for repairs.  We ate at Buckhorn Grill instead.  She got some salad and I got sirloin tri-tip. Wasn’t bad actually (I don’t have too high an expectation of food court food).  The meat was a bit tough though/the knives weren’t sharp enough.

We got there 15 minutes before the show started but it was pretty much packed already.  We ended up with 3rd row seats, which kinda sucked, because this was also Leqi’s first time in an American movie theater (the 8:15 show was actually sold out, or we would’ve gone for that, instead we settled for 7:15).

As expected, it was mostly women.  If there was a guy, he was almost certainly with a girl.  Though I did see at least one gay couple and a group of three guys with girls (so at least one of the guys was not attached).  Definitely a chick flick.

That said, the movie was pretty cool.  I mean, it still had the basic romantic comedy formula I’ve described before, but since there were four women, there was more variation.  It also had some funny moments, including one really funny one that was perfect in the context of the movie.  So I thought that was great.  It also helped that the audience was generally in the right mood too which made the film more enjoyable.  Given that I’ve never seen Sex and the City before, I’d say the movie was very well done, though there was at one critical part of the story that required a pretty heavy dose of suspension of disbelief.  The movie also definitely earned its R rating with exposed breasts and one penis.

As I was going home, I took advantage of the fact that I had my camera to take a picture of the rare clear sky here.  Made me really wish I had a tripod though.  Even laying the camera on my bag caused some slight movement.  Not sure if it was ’cause of movement after the shutter press (even with a 2 second timer) or the wind.  One of the better shots was actually handheld too.

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