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April 21, 2008

Clinton implies Bush deserved win in 2000


Woah woah, what did you just say? That the Democratic system is crazy? He’s actually pining for the Republican system because it’s more like the electoral college? You must be getting senile. Did you forget the electoral college is what let Bush triumph over Al Gore despite Al Gore having the popular vote, which interestingly enough, Obama has as well right now?

What is going on with the Clintons? First they said McCain was better than Obama. And now they’re saying the Republican system is better too. And that’s on top of Clinton staying in the race knowing full well that it is impossible for her to get a delegate lead, so the only way she’ll win is from a superdelegate coup, which will tear the Democrats apart for years. Why don’t you just go on over to the other side? Because you sure as hell don’t belong on this side. Sheesh.

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