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April 25, 2008

Intelligent Design vote at Expelled’s Myspace page

So it looks like the Expelled Myspace page has a poll going on about whether or not Intelligent Design should be taught in our education system. Technically speaking, if they meant philosophy or religious studies, the answer would be Yes.

But in the context of the film, and knowing the Wedge Strategy agenda behind the Intelligent Design movement, the proper answer would be No, since what they’re really asking is whether it should be taught in science class. The wording of the question was intentionally designed to mislead people and increase the number of Yes votes they might receive. But if you’ve been following my blog, then should be familiar with their tactics and what ID is about.

After voting, I noticed a funny coincidence so I took a picture of the results. Note the number of Yes votes.

Also, somehow I don’t think these were the results they were hoping for when they made the poll. ;)

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