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June 25, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Don’t have Internet connection at home. Lost Internet in the morning actually and nobody fixed it despite my leaving instructions on what needed to be done (call the ISP). So I called and they may need to actually send someone up here, so no Internet for a while. Blah.

Anyway, I was *supposed* to watch Wall-E with Jenny today, but after getting dinner from Tu Lan and then going up, we saw a huge line. Eh, seemed like we would all fit. Turns out pretty much everyone who was still in line was screwed. Doh. So we weren’t able to watch it. Pretty big disappointment. So all we got out of that was a game demo disc and a poster. That’s the SECOND set of advance screening passes that I have not been able to utilize (the first one simply mysteriously disappeared in the mail). Live and learn I guess.

After looking up stuff we could do, we decided to just watch Indiana Jones 4, which wasn’t bad. I remembered enough from the third movie to catch some references, and there were some similar plots/moral lessons. But Harrison Ford looks too old for some of the physical antics he was pulling off though. It’s time for Indiana Jones to retire, I mean the movie’s still set during the mid-Cold War era, before James Bond’s time I think (maybe). Even an Indiana Jones successor would be pretty old if set in modern times.

Also, Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs is out. MUST GET! :D

Note: When I wrote this there was no Internet, backdated to the proper time. Called AT&T this morning and they provisioned a new line for us and now it’s ok.

June 7, 2008

Presidential candidates’ views on tech issues

I had original planned on blogging this on Thursday, but for got and ended up writing that shot blurb about Zon instead.

Anyway, I think this is a really good article about how Obama, Clinton, and McCain plan to handle important tech issues.

NET NEUTRALITY: Both Obama and Clinton support this.  They actually co-sponsored the Internet Freedom Preservation Act.  McCain is against it.  Hence he fails.

BROADBAND AVAILABILITY: Clinton and Obama favor improving access.  Obama and McCain both favor raising the definition of broadband (currently 200kbits/s, which is 25kB/s to regular people :P).  I guess I prefer Obama’s stance as it would do more.

H-1B VISAS: Clinton and McCain both support increasing the cap.  Clinton will raise fees though.  Obama suggests changing the system to be less reliant on those with foreign degrees.  Between Clinton and McCain, I would prefer McCain’s policy better though Clinton’s proposal would be more likely to pass.  Obama’s more of a wildcard.  For my personal situation, Obama’s plan would probably benefit me the most since I got my degrees in the US, but it would certainly hurt foreign nationals in general.  Of course anything proposed by any of these three would most likely be useless to me by the time I could use it.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION: Clinton wants to force other nations to respect imaginary property.  Obama would rather try to get them to cooperate.  McCain seems to have the most hands-off approach (and thus most likely to succeed)

PRIVACY: Both Obama and Clinton have good policies.  Obama is more offensive and about going after phishers/scammers.  Clinton’s is more defensive, and attempts to protect consumer rights.  McCain of course, is an idiot here, and wants to provide wiretapping immunity to the telecom companies.

May 13, 2008

CARM’s guide to Internet Apologetics

When this was posted, a lot of us thought this couldn’t be real, this must be Poe’s Law.  But nope.  They really do encourage this.

  1. Using the mouse to copy and paste
    1. It is easy to select the text with a mouse.   After selection the text by clicking and dragging, then right mouse click on the text.  A small window will open.  Click on “copy.”  Then go to your destination window, right mouse click and select “paste.”  The copied text will then be pasted where you need it.
  2. Using the keyboard to select, copy, and paste.
    1. You can select text by putting the cursor where you want it, holding down the shift key and pressing the arrow key.  Your text will become selected as the cursor moves through the text.
    2. Copy the text by hitting CTRL C.
    3. Once in the window you desire, CTRL V will paste the material into the window.
      1. Note:  By having your left hand on the keyboard, and with your thumb and forefinger (thumb on the “alt” key and the finger on the “tab” key, you can move between windows.

They truly have no shame.

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