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June 23, 2009

Alice Summerthing 2009

Well.  As usual food there is overpriced and not that good.  Why do I always decide to eat there though? :(

Was still eating lunch when Parachute came up.   By the time I got sorta close they’d just finished.  Waited for Sugar Ray, who were kinda entertaining.  Then I napped under a tree away from the crowds and got sunburnt (the shade moved) while Matt Nathanson was playing, and didn’t stay for Gavin Rosdale.

The concerts and the crowd was generally pretty mellow.  Which was actually kinda disappointing as I was trying to see if there were songs which were suitable otagei.  Sugar Ray did eventually do a couple rock songs that I felt would work, but nobody’s put a video up of that.  The DJ they had was fun though.  But generally, the crowd responsiveness felt sort of lukewarm.

I mean, compare with :P

Though watching the videos now from further back, looks like the girls were getting into the mood.  Maybe it’s a male-band thing.

Someone had a huge-ass $5000 lens attached to a full-frame camera.  Another photographer next to me joked about how that lens cost more than his last car. :P  I think that was probably overkill for the concert.

Also, thank goodness for earphones doubling as earplugs.  Don’t think I could’ve been able to withstand standing so close to the speakers for so long otherwise.

Not directly related, but I got a voicemail from Radio Alice the previous week thanking me for listening to their radio/going to their site and inviting feedback.  It was definitely a personalized call though as they were trying to say my name and talking about butchering the pronunciation


July 20, 2008

Tour de Fat

Ok, so as promised, here’s my entry on Tour de Fat at Golden Gate Park from yesterday.

I was actually kinda hesitant to go because of the beer theme (it’s sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Company).  But I’m actually glad I went.  Despite the sponorship, it’s basically a bike festival.  I didn’t go for the bike parade but caught most of the other stuff.

As expected, I saw Frank Chu there as well (or his sign at least).

There was also this small area where you could ride these weird bicycles.

Most entertaining group was Nanda.  There was action, there was humor, and there was acrobatics.  Bonus points for the Wong Fei Hung music and the use of Che Ling (not in the same act).

Glad I used my telephoto lens this time as it let me get more shots away from the crowd though I wish I was taller.  Made use of the chairs a lot.

June 22, 2008

Alice’s Summerthing

Aww, I got ditched by everyone.

Anyway, got up early in the morning and went over to Leqi’s new place. Brought over some books for her to read while she’s back home. Since there wasn’t really anything to do and she had been up all night and I have not been having enough sleep, we just napped until she had to leave for her flight.

Took the bus straight to Golden Gate Park after that for Alice’s Summerthing. It was… fun. Trapeze looked interesting but the line was long and I didn’t want to leave my bag unattended since I was alone since all three people who were supposed to go didn’t go. :P Besides, the musicians were making (nice) fun of the people on the trapeze.

I did have some of the best garlic fries I’ve ever had (well, it was really the fries), though I think that’s just from them soaking a lot of oil. But the outside was really crunchy while the inside was really smooth.

I should’ve probably just put on my telephoto lens but since I wasn’t able to get a lens hood for it yet I didn’t want to risk it bumping against people. The nice thing about having a 12MP camera is that if I’m not showing the photos at their original size, I can always just crop it instead of resizing it to make it seem closer (which I did for the second and third pics). I also experimented with zooming while taking the picture, a modified version of a technique I learned from Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 (mainly ’cause I remembered the general idea, but not the specifics). I think it turned out pretty well, though it’s not perfectly steady, which would only really be possible at this distance (no flash) if I had support, like a tripod, which would be pretty hard to set up there anyway since it was so crowded. I got lucky with this shot as it was taken just as Lifehouse’s Jason Wade jumped up. The other bands here today in the order of the photos were Marie Digby, The Last Goodnight, and Ingrid Michaelson. I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of Secondhand Serenade (mostly ’cause I was eating at the time away from the stage and crowds and I was taking pics of everything else).

Aside from a movie on Tuesday, I will finally be able to get some much needed rest. :P

June 8, 2008

Sophia’s Birthday Celebration

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Happy Birthday Sophia!

So… got to UCSF around 10AM with the plan of going up Mount Sutro with Jenny.  Except Jenny was late.  And I got lost finding a trail while going through UCSF.  So that didn’t happen.  I did get some flower pics instead though.  :P

Walked the short distance to Good Earth Cuisine where Jenny was waiting.  Finished her quesadillas since she was full and I hadn’t had breakfast.  Got half a pizza from Arizmendi Bakery before making our way to the Conservatory of Flowers where we met up with Sophia and had a late lunch.  Pizza was cold by then.  :(

The Conservatory of Flowers was cool though, got many good pictures in there with the flowers and butterflies.  Eric arrived just as we were done with the butterflies so we left.  After some more picture taking we made our way to Stow Lake and rented a paddleboat.  The sun made it hard to take good pictures.

Since it was time we made our way to Chapeau.  Joyce and Catherine and then Nancy joined us for this portion of the dinner.  Prices were more expensive than the old menus we saw online.  Food was great.  They brought us the bill in a hat (chapeau means “hat” in French) which was cool, but we took a really long time to divide up the bill because we didn’t realize they charged us for cutting up our cake (and adding some ice cream to it, which was almost as expensive as the cake itself!) and had thought that was Sophia’s dish because Sophia’s dish was under a different name than the one we were expecting.  That was pretty much the low point of the day as people got really frustrated.

Since people didn’t really want to leave yet we ended up at an Asian dessert place where we gossipped a little.

Got lost with Sophia going home because we went the wrong direction and were heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge and it was dark and the place was unfamiliar.  Thank goodness for maps.  :P

May 18, 2008

Bay to Breakers 2008

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WAY too many floppy sausages here.  Seriously, nobody wants to see a bunch of naked guys.  A few is cool and expected, but when you see a two dozen in about an hour or two, that’s too much.  Do something more original.  Saw maybe 2-3 topless women.

Also, public transportation sucked today too, because way too many stupid people are driving their car on a day where San Francisco is basically split in half for 4 hours (officially anyway. I was there for 2 hours after they stopped noting finishers and people were still coming)

I haven’t been to the park for a long time, but I caught the Sunday attractions.  I saw the  free swing lessons first as the B2B people were going past them (I walked in the opposite direction they were going to catch more people in a shorter amount of time).  Then I stumbled on the Golden Gate Park Band as I was walking to Arizmendi Bakery to get a late lunch.  It’s nice to see their stage has been upgraded into a real stage.  They used to play just inside the entrance to the SF Botanical Garden.

Today they were celebrating the 217th anniversary of the Polish Constitution, so there were a lot of traditional dances as well, though I only stayed for two groups.

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