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August 29, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. me

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I guess some people want me to blog, so I’ll write something.  It’s not like anyone really reads my Google Buzz, which usually gets reposted on Facebook anyway, and Facebook is not really suited for long posts.

So I saw this the week before my birthday as part of an early birthday celebration.  I think it’s now one of my favorite movies and I wouldn’t mind watching it again in theaters and will almost definitely buy the blu-ray when it comes out.

It’s a travesty that Vampire Suck is doing better than this.  What a sad state the world is in.

Anyway, since I became a little obsessed, I got the original comic books and the game and finished both within the week.  The comic book differs quite a bit from the movie after the third ex-boyfriend.  Some of the events also get shifted around for the movie, lines are said by different characters, and so on.  But otherwise it’s a pretty good adaption.

The video game follows the comic book for the most part, with some liberal interpretation to make the stages and bosses interesting, and also so you can play a bunch of different characters, not just Scott.

The first ex, I think all three mediums were awesome.  The second ex, I think the movie was the best.  The third ex, I think movie won out there as well.  The fourth ex, the comic book gives some more backstory and other characters, so I think the comic book wins there.  The fifth and six ex, comic book wins.  The movie’s fights for them was just dumb and boring.  The seventh ex, the movie was more fun, though it had a bit of a cliched lesson thing.  Comic book was a bit convoluted for this one, and almost deux ex machina in feeling.

Because of the additional backstory, the characters also make a bit more sense in the comic books which was just glossed over but still worked out okay in the movie.

The video game for the most part gets the same ratings as the comic book as far as plot goes, with bizarre endings, buggy crashes, 4-player co-op and a fun leveling system and a nice old-school feel that’s been missing from most modern games.

Both the movie and game had some nice music.  Obviously the comics do not have music, but it does come with lyrics, guitar tabs, and music suggestions the author used for inspiration.


November 7, 2008

Left 4 Dead

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Yay zombie games!

I still like zombie stuff in general.  I think it’s mainly because of the one wound and you’re dead thing.  And the whole trying to survive while the world dies.  Can’t get the same effect with stuff like ghost movies.

August 30, 2008

Gamer’s Bill of Rights


Kudos to Stardock and Gas Powered Games for coming up with these rules.

1. Gamers shall have the right to return games that don’t work with their computers for a full refund.
2. Gamers shall have the right to demand that games be released in a finished state.
3. Gamers shall have the right to expect meaningful updates after a game’s release.
4. Gamers shall have the right to demand that download managers and updaters not force themselves to run or be forced to load in order to play a game.
5. Gamers shall have the right to expect that the minimum requirements for a game will mean that the game will adequately play on that computer.
6. Gamers shall have the right to expect that games won’t install hidden drivers or other potentially harmful software without their express consent.
7. Gamers shall have the right to re-download the latest versions of the games they own at any time.
8. Gamers shall have the right to not be treated as potential criminals by developers or publishers.
9. Gamers shall have the right to demand that a single-player game not force them to be connected to the Internet every time they wish to play.
10. Gamers shall have the right that games which are installed to the hard drive shall not require a CD/DVD to remain in the drive to play.

The problem of course, is to get companies (especially the publishers) to agree to and follow these rules.

August 17, 2008

Paranoia and rights

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Looks like there’s been another fight over photographers’ rights.

Paranoia really makes people do stupid things.  That’s why we have all these stupid feel-good but completely useless laws and restrictions, like the increasingly stupid TSA rules in airports.  As someone said once, the root passwords to the American constitution are “terrorism” and “pedophilia” (and “drugs”, though more so in the past).

That said, this guy does seem to be going out of his way to stir up trouble.  The way he’s doing things, even though he is legally allowed to take photos in these places, he may just end up earning himself a lifetime ban instead which he won’t be able to do anything about because he’d be trespassing in that case.

There was also an interesting article linked in the comments where a bunch of people dressed up as Best Buy employees one day and then recorded the experience.  It deals with some similar issues on answering questions/knowing when you are trespassing/not trespassing.

While we’re on the issue of paranoid and rights, UK police confiscated the board game “War on Terror” (where a spinner randomly determine’s which player’s the terrorist state) because it includes a balaclava (which said player wears) because it could be used for… oh, terrorism.  *rolls eyes*

July 10, 2008

Urban Terror

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Pizza and beer and games.

For someone who only started playing yesterday, I think I did pretty well, often at the top 1-3 on my team.

Though most people aren’t really gamers I guess.  :P  As one of my coworkers said, it became harder and harder as time went on and people went home because the remaining players’ skill levels were much higher (so less targets to shoot at while becoming more of a target yourself:P)

May 24, 2008

Wii Fit makes $60m on Day 1

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VGChartz Article

Pretty cool, except after Day 1, it will probably hit a huge sales cliff.  It may not even hit 1 million units sold by week 1. After all, you can’t sell what you don’t have. :P

May 23, 2008

Acquiring Wii Fit

Continuing from my last entry on Wii Fit. After camping the ToysRUs site for that one Wii Fit they were selling every hour yesterday, I finally managed to get one. After a brief celebration, they emailed me several hours later and said it was backordered. WTF. Then why the hell were you playing that stupid stupid 1-Wii Fit-every-hour game and wasting people’s time? Urgh. That’s just false advertisement/scamming. And I had already opened my copy up ’cause I thought it was finally settled.

Well, this morning, while checking the Wii Fit tracker I noticed that Amazon had it for sale. Ordered one immediately then called my friend who then ordered one. Canceled mine after that (as well as the stupid ToysRUs order) once I got confirmation from my friend. It’s actually cheaper than ToysRUs and doesn’t seem to have that stupid 2-3 day processing time too. Though it looks like the one sold on Amazon is actually being sold by Target, which is also selling a Wii+Wii Fit+Wii Wheel+Sports Pack+rechargeable batteries bundle for $400, which is kinda decent, except for the Sports Pack (and the wheel’s useless if you don’t get Mario Kart).

My friend ended up getting Wii Fit through Craigslist this morning after making the order though. Craigslist prices actually aren’t that bad either. The lack of shipping and sales tax makes the lower-end prices comparable to ordering it online. Gamestop/EB Games preorders should also be released pretty soon if people are still looking for it.

Anyway, since the Amazon/Target deal couldn’t be canceled, my friend will have an extra copy, which you may find for relatively cheap next week on Craigslist. :P

May 22, 2008

Summer Events

Things I’m interested in and will probably attend:

May 24 Tzu Chi Festival
May 24-25 Carnaval SF
May 31 Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival
Jun 1-15 Dine About Town
Jun 7 Berkeley World Music Festival
Jun 7 Worldwide D&D Game Day
Jun 15-Aug 17 Stern Grove Festival
Jun 22 Alice Summerthing
August 17-18 Golden Gate Renaissance Festival

Conventions I’d like to go to but probably won’t because of conflicts/too far/too soon:

May 23-26 Fanime
May 23-26 Kublacon
Aug 29-Sep 1 ConQuest SF

May 21, 2008

Wii Fit

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Well that was a disappointment.

Today’s the release date. By 10:30, Circuit City and Best Buy in the city was sold out. By 12, pretty much the entire bay area was done. I even went back and borrowed a Costco card to hoping they might have some left (their website never got updated), nope, it was “sold out quickly.”

I actually got one though (which is sitting on a chair in the living room, mocking me, taunting me), since I preordered from EB Games, and though mine was the second shipment, they actually received it today. But that one will probably be going to a friend, who needs it semi-urgently. *sigh* The things I do…

The thing about Wii Fit is that, although the makers themselves actually claimed it’s not meant to make you fit (then why are you marketing it that way?!), it does seem to work. On the other hand, it seems to be about on par as Wii Sports, so unless you just want a fresh experience, it’s not strictly necessary. Of course, jogging outside or going to a gym is probably more effective, though not nearly as convenient, safe, or cheap (for gym memberships), which is probably why it’s selling so well (too well unfortunately). The only really unique thing it kinda has is the balance training, which most people don’t really get to do in their normal exercise routines. Watch the video for examples.

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