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November 21, 2008


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Yay, Leqi was on time today!  :P

So, we arrived early and basically had to sit around with everyone at the bar until the main area was open.  Tried some experimental photography.  Specifically with the mirrors on the bar.  Didn’t work too well because of how dark it was.

We were seated at the table next to the corner.  The beds are pretty big and clean and smells like hotels and there’s a table on it so your drinks and stuff won’t spill.  The menu was hidden, but basically there was some sort of soup at the beginning that had a scallop piece in the center, chicken thigh in the middle, and some sort of yogurt and brown sugar wafer and something else with caramel for dessert.  We were starving so I liked it though she thought Asia SF had better food.  I think the entertainment was better here though.  There was this guy in a blue rabbit suit who’d walk around and do stuff.  Leqi suffered his attention with him sitting on her and stuff.  :P  There was a table of clowns in the center who’d sometimes do stuff.  I’m not quite sure if they were part of the entertainment or actually guests.  Or maybe both?  And there was an acrobatics performance that was pretty cool.

We actually did end up ordering some alcoholic drinks (Supperclub Martini).  All I know is that it had godiva white chocolate in it and I still don’t really like alcoholic drinks… at least of the ones I tried.  She didn’t finish hers as usual.  So far, beer’s the only thing she likes (esp. Tsingtao I think), and I haven’t tried that yet, so maybe next time.  Maybe in New York?

Oh, we left around 10, and the doors opened at 7:30, so keep that in mind if you need to be places after dinner.  People were still inside drinking and some of the clowns were dancing.

No pics (may edit them in later) because I spent the rest of the night prepping for NY tomorrow.


November 19, 2008

Sutro’s at Cliff House

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So… out of the way.

I think it would’ve been better in the day, but that means the only time I could go is during the weekend.  At night, can’t really see too much.  Leqi seemed to like it though.

So we were here for the Appetite Stimulus Plan that’s going on this week.  Which means prix fixe for a cheaper price.  Bread was pretty standard.  Cold bread and butter. We both got the portobello mushroom soup which was good.  She got halibut and I got steak frites.  Steak was a bit tough even at medium-rare but the fries were really good.  Dessert was pretty good though we were pretty full by then.

June 28, 2008

Tea Garden, Critical Mass, Birds, and Aliens

Had a surprise call from Joyce who was free for lunch (she’s usually not free).  So we went and got stuff from Tea Garden.  Boba was good, I thought the meat portion was a little small but otherwise ok, but Joyce said her noodles had been cooked too long so were kinda mushy.  This ended up being a bit of an extended lunch break.  But it was a pretty slow day at work.

After work realized that it was Critical Mass today and I actually knew the time and when it would start, so I actually had time to go prepare unlike the previous times where it caught me completely by surprise.  As such I was able to get some shots of people waiting to start.

I put on my telephoto lens (Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS) and then had fun with it as this was my first time actually using it.  Critical Mass actually became a lot less interesting with these lens and instead, I started photographing birds instead because I was able to get a lot closer (image wise) to them than I’ve been able to before.

Watched Aliens with Ching later on.  This is the special edition version, which is different from the original version I’ve watched countless time back home.  I’m not actually convinced that this version’s better though.  It fleshes the story out more but it also breaks the flow a bit and diminishes the impact of the alien encounter once Ripley and co. went down to the planet.

Then Ching insisted on showing me Death Becomes Her, which I eventually realized I’d seen before.

June 5, 2008

Dine About Town Launch Party

I intentionally drank yeast piss.  Ick.  I don’t get why people like this stuff.  Though I now know at least that I can handle two glasses of wine with no effect (I don’t drink, and I started with a kinda empty stomach, having had 1 bag of chips for a late lunch).

Oh, and they didn’t check for ID.

Anyway, I had intended to leave work a little early but that didn’t happen, but Sophia calling me gave me the excuse to leave (one of my coworkers leaves tomorrow and will be back in October for visa issues, which thankfully I will be able to avoid).  I’ll miss his presence.  :( (why’s everyone leaving me? Sophia’s moving out of SF as well >_<)

Got stuck on the Muni ’cause the train didn’t leave for 5 minutes so got there later than I wanted, then turns out Sophia was still shopping upstairs.  The entire Cellar section was cordoned off.  People like us who pre-registered didn’t have to wait in line.  :D

I guess the coolest thing was the free wine glass.  The food wasn’t actually all that filling though some were rather tasty.  There was also a cooking demonstration which was basically one of the samples but with more meat.  We ended up getting clam chowder from Boudin Bakery afterwards because we weren’t exactly full.  The $10 donation was really for the wine I think.  We also picked up a couple free wine tasting tickets at Ghirardelli Square (which I plan to go to the weekend of June 21-22 because of their Savour the Square event (free ice cream sundaes!  :D)).

I actually already did Dine About Town on Monday with Catherine.  We went to The Cosmopolitan for lunch.  Unfortunately we both forgot our camera so the pictures are on her coworker’s camera.  Overall, the food wasn’t bad though a tad salty on certain stuff.  The crab cakes > tomato soup.  The sandwich and fries were good (really like how crispy the fries were).  The salmon was alright.  For dessert the chocolate cake + vanilla ice cream was great.  The other dessert we had was ok.

May 22, 2008

Summer Events

Things I’m interested in and will probably attend:

May 24 Tzu Chi Festival
May 24-25 Carnaval SF
May 31 Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival
Jun 1-15 Dine About Town
Jun 7 Berkeley World Music Festival
Jun 7 Worldwide D&D Game Day
Jun 15-Aug 17 Stern Grove Festival
Jun 22 Alice Summerthing
August 17-18 Golden Gate Renaissance Festival

Conventions I’d like to go to but probably won’t because of conflicts/too far/too soon:

May 23-26 Fanime
May 23-26 Kublacon
Aug 29-Sep 1 ConQuest SF

May 12, 2008

Great Eastern Restaurant

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Had lunch here with Jenny today.  This was one of the places recommended by Cat yesterday.  I called to reserve last night after 11pm (they open till midnight), but they wouldn’t let me reserve with only two people, and said it’d only be a five minute wait.  True to his word, that was about how long we had to wait when we got there at about 12:30.  We had six dishes which came out to about $23 with tip.  Most expensive thing was the $1 tea.  Most of the other stuff was decent or good, especially the siu mai, which had fish eggs on it and juicy.  The shrimp rice noodles was probably the most disappointing since it wasn’t hot unlike everything else.  The place is actually kinda large, and appears to have three levels though we only saw the main level.  Maybe that’s why the wait wasn’t too long.

After that, we went over to the Golden Gate Bakery to have custard tarts.  At $1.10 they were expensive but tasty and better than most other ones I’ve had.  Mainly because it was hot and the crust was very flaky.  We had it at the redwood park that we passed by yesterday.  It’s a nice place, but too far to go to normally.

April 25, 2008

Dining Out For Life

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Went out to lunch with Cat at Unicorn today for Dining Out For Life.  What happens is that participating restaurants donate 25% of what you pay for the meal to AIDS research.  It’s only once a year so if you’re reading this, you’ve already missed it, but there’s always next year!

Anyway, food was tasty, portions were sorta small for the price though, but it’s about right for lunch.  Had some crab meat rolls, duck, and lamb.  The rice that came with the lamb was really good too.

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