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October 31, 2008


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Possibly the best predictor of upcoming election

October 26, 2008

Palin on fruit flies and autism

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Oh dear.

October 9, 2008


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Obama now leads McCain by 11 points.  And there’s less than a month till elections.

Also, apparently Sarah Palin seems to really admire vice presidents who went on to become presidents… McCain better watch his back!

June 10, 2008

Now that Clinton’s gone…

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Note the huge change on Sunday’s polling, which is the day after Clinton announced that she suspended her campaign.  I think this is a good thing, and it shows that despite all the emotions and irrationality during the primaries, people still realize how dangerous it would be for McCain to win.

June 7, 2008

Presidential candidates’ views on tech issues

I had original planned on blogging this on Thursday, but for got and ended up writing that shot blurb about Zon instead.

Anyway, I think this is a really good article about how Obama, Clinton, and McCain plan to handle important tech issues.

NET NEUTRALITY: Both Obama and Clinton support this.  They actually co-sponsored the Internet Freedom Preservation Act.  McCain is against it.  Hence he fails.

BROADBAND AVAILABILITY: Clinton and Obama favor improving access.  Obama and McCain both favor raising the definition of broadband (currently 200kbits/s, which is 25kB/s to regular people :P).  I guess I prefer Obama’s stance as it would do more.

H-1B VISAS: Clinton and McCain both support increasing the cap.  Clinton will raise fees though.  Obama suggests changing the system to be less reliant on those with foreign degrees.  Between Clinton and McCain, I would prefer McCain’s policy better though Clinton’s proposal would be more likely to pass.  Obama’s more of a wildcard.  For my personal situation, Obama’s plan would probably benefit me the most since I got my degrees in the US, but it would certainly hurt foreign nationals in general.  Of course anything proposed by any of these three would most likely be useless to me by the time I could use it.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION: Clinton wants to force other nations to respect imaginary property.  Obama would rather try to get them to cooperate.  McCain seems to have the most hands-off approach (and thus most likely to succeed)

PRIVACY: Both Obama and Clinton have good policies.  Obama is more offensive and about going after phishers/scammers.  Clinton’s is more defensive, and attempts to protect consumer rights.  McCain of course, is an idiot here, and wants to provide wiretapping immunity to the telecom companies.

May 21, 2008

Obama now has majority of pledged delegates

As expected, Clinton’s won Kentucky, which really doesn’t matter considering how red it is. Meanwhile, Obama won Oregon, but it doesn’t really matter either ’cause everyone knew Obama would win that.

Clinton of course continues to “fight” till the end (some say she’s only pretending to fight to recover her campaign debt). The thing is, we actually want Clinton to continue to the end now. The reason? There’s a good chance that Obama will clinch the nomination with the last three contests (which he’s pretty much projected to win, except for maybe a tie in Puerto Rico), which looks a lot better than if Clinton had dropped out after her huge win in West Virginia or even after last night. But With 86 pledged delegates remaining, and about 70 needed by Obama, he’s still going to need some help by superdelegates before then. But Obama has a pledged delegate majority now. Which makes it more likely for even more superdelegates to flock to him.

Indeed, he’s picked up superdelegates from Guam, Washington, and Connecticut within the past 24 hours.

May 20, 2008

McCain’s chief media advisor won’t fight Obama

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That’s right, his chief media adviser likes Obama so much that he won’t campaign against him.

John McCain’s chief media adviser said Tuesday he is stepping down rather than campaign against Barack Obama.

Mark McKinnon said last year that he would leave McCain’s campaign after the primary season if the Arizona senator were to run against Obama.

In a 2007 interview with Cox News, McKinnon said he would vote for McCain, but “I just don’t want to work against an Obama candidacy.” He added that if Obama were to reach the White House, it “would send a great message to the country and the world.”

How refreshing, a man of his word!  If a movie were ever made about this year’s election, this would be one of the key moments to include.

Of course, he’s also a very pragmatic person.  Who wants to be in the limelight of a negative campaign that will probably lose anyway?  :P

Things younger than John McCain

Yeah, the Kentucky and Oregon primaries are going on today, but Oregon’s results won’t be out till 11PM. In the meantime, there are much more interesting and important things to talk about, like John McCain’s age.

Did you know that John McCain is older than both of Obama’s parents?  Yep, that old.  He’s also older than both Alaska and Hawaii, and was a full-fledged adult by the time they were both incorporated into the good ol’ 50-state USA of today.  Heck, did you know he’s even older than the Golden Gate Bridge?  Think about that the next time you take a walk or drive on it.  At least the bridge is made out of steel and won’t have to travel around the world like McCain would if he was president.  Talk about a true relic of ancient history. :P

May 19, 2008

The Sweetie vs. The Cunt or Obama vs. McCain

I can’t believe people are actually talking about Obama calling a reporter sweetie. Are they seriously that starved for negative things to say about him? Even the reporter herself wasn’t offended by the comment.

Are they forgetting that McCain called his wife a cunt and a trollop?  A Baptist minister asked McCain during a town hall meeting about it and was removed by secret service agents and questioned for 30 minutes.

Even besides that, let’s not forget the fact that McCain was committing adultery with his current wife while he was still married to his first wife, who became disabled while he was Vietnam, and stuck with him and took care of his children while he was a POW.  It took him all of one year after returning and learning about his wife’s disability to start the affair, divorce his wife, and remarry.  What an outstanding hero and role model for Americans everywhere!

BTW, if the word “cunt” makes you cringe, all the better for understanding the gravity of McCain calling his wife that.

May 14, 2008

Obama, Endorsements, Abortion, and Elections

People like to point and say, oh look, Clinton gets all those working-class white voters that Obama has no chance of getting. That’s only when comparing Clinton vs. Obama. The problem is, when compared to McCain, she actually doesn’t fare that much better.

Among these voters, McCain beats Obama 46%-39%.

And McCain beats Hillary 48%-41%.

So basically, Clinton’s demographics may really be McCain’s demographics, which would already be factored into the general Obama or Clinton vs. McCain polls that are conducted regularly.

The Edwards endorsement tonight may also swing the numbers for this demographic a little towards Obama as well.

Obama also received the NARAL endorsement earlier today which will help him with Democrats but hurt him with Republicans and conservatives (who’re less likely to vote for him anyway). Also, LOL at EMILY’s List whining about it. If you truly think the equally pro-choice Obama isn’t pro-choice enough, then grow a pair and take your sexist all-women list and go vote for the anti-abortion McCain instead. Otherwise, shut up and keep your misandry to yourself.

Anyway, this year also isn’t like the others. Specifically, the increased Black, Youth, and Latino turnout (also check out the Q&A on it) will probably have a pretty big impact on the elections. Republicans can’t even win in Republican strongholds anymore.

Part of the reason McCain is even doing so well is that Clinton/Obama supporters basically hate each other right now. Once Clinton’s eliminated, there’ll be five or six months for them to remember what exactly McCain represents and realize that no matter how much they hate the rival Democratic candidate, McCain is even worse (heck, all I needed to do was go in the Politics forum of a major Christian forum to realize that)

And just to lighten things up, the current candidates as board gamers.

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