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June 19, 2008

Wednesday Outing

Today’s outing was kinda stressful.

I left my phone at home, which meant I didn’t have a good way to contact Leqi.  Got to the meetup spot on time, but Leqi didn’t show up for 30 minutes, thinking she might’ve gotten the wrong address, I went back to the office, looked up my phone history (and noticed she’d just tried to call me), and then called her there several times until I finally got through.  Made sure she’d be at the correct intersection and then went back there.

Turns out she’d left the house late, then took an alternate route that ended up being longer, then the Muni had some trouble and delayed as well, so she was actually 40 minutes late (she had been on time or earlier every day prior which is why I thought something was wrong).  Gah, only needed to wait 10 more minutes and I would’ve seen her, instead going back to the office and contacting her wasted an extra 20 minutes.  Which meant we didn’t really have time to go eat at Great Eastern, which sucked.  We ended up going straight to The Purple Onion.  They only really had pizza, so that was our dinner.  The thing is, they actually started late, so we could’ve actually eaten at Great Eastern after all.  :(

As for the actual show (Something People Like), the host, Justin Lamb, was pretty likable.  Of the actual comedians, we both agreed that Eric Cash was the best.  At the end was a wacky music performance by Easystreet which I thought was actually a tad too long.

Got back, ended up watching She is the Man and had some ramen for a late night snack/dinner since neither of us had really eaten much during the day.  Very predictable but otherwise alright movie.

June 8, 2008

A Gentlemen’s Duel

Oh man, why didn’t I see this earlier.  That was a rather unexpected plot twist.

You should check out the other stuff that Blur Studio has done as well.

May 19, 2008

Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls, originally called 下妻物語 (Shimotsuma Monogatari), was recommended to me by Karen.  Like a lot of Japanese films/anime/manga nowadays, its origin can be traced to a light novel.

At its core, it’s about two girls who are polar opposites from each other.  First there is Momoko, a super-independent girl who had no friends (and didn’t need any) and didn’t care what anyone thought.  She also goes around wearing Sweet Lolita dresses from the Rococo period in France.  Apparently, the store she gets her clothes from is a real store, and even featured a line of clothing designed by the author of the story.

Ichigo on the other hand, is part of an all-female biker gang,  She’s rough, smokes, spits all the time, and makes mistakes with her Japanese (to imply she’s a bad student).  And of course, she knows a lot about motorcycles.

Through a series of events, they become best friends forever.  :P

That’s pretty much the gist of the story, though of course other stuff happens, including a pretty cool ending.

The comedy is of the odder Japanese variety (if a girl wearing Lolita fashion isn’t odd enough for most Americans), so it really helps if you have an appreciation for Japanese media culture already.  Otherwise, you may find it stupid.  If you’re curious about what lolita fashion can look like, this would also be a good film to get a taste.  I also checked out the BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT store and all I have to say is, that’s one expensive hobby (most dresses cost between $150-$500).

May 7, 2008

Evolution: The Musical! premiere

I actually completely forgot about it. It wasn’t until I was cleaning out my wallet that I noticed the ticket. Oops. Of course, I also didn’t remember where it was at. Rushed back home (was almost there anyway), then rushed back out. I was 20 minutes late, which wasn’t too bad.

They were asking people from the audience to come up and demonstrate their special talents. Blah. Then they asked for someone called Gabriel because they wanted to show their earlier works, one of which was about Gabriel (as in the angel from the Bible).

The actual one they showed isn’t on Youtube, but it’s available on their main site called Angel in the Outfield. If you’re lazy and just want a quick Youtube video, here’s one.

You can check out other stuff on the their site.

After that, one of the guys dressed up as Satan and asked people to come up and answer questions about their lives and see if they’re going to Hell. I think most people decided they would and were just saying yes or coming up with stuff. Only the first person kinda told the truth and actually didn’t go to Hell. :P

Their second video was Jelly Donut which is the following two videos:

They actually had Jelly Donut go up on stage after that and do some songs. There was one audience participation song about masturbation. Say mmm-mmm if you masturbate once a month, oo-oui if you do it twice a week, He-ey! if you do it every day, and basically yell out NoNoh-NoNoNoNoNo if you don’t masturbate ever. I think only one person in the audience said No. :P Quite a few actually said something for the others and they joked about the audience telling total strangers about their masturbation habits. Aside from the topic, the song was pretty catchy. Some people were dancing to it.

Their second video was some claymation they did, which was actually kinda funny (it’s NQSFW though)

There may have been something else, but I don’t remember, but after that was the main event of the night. The 38-minute long musical wasn’t bad. Well, it sort of was, but I liked some of the songs too. Definitely very cheesy. It’s basically one of those love stories between two warring factions (The Blesseds, who descended from Adam and Eve, and the Beasties, who evolved from primates).

After that, there was some Q&A with the people involved in the film. The girl who played the leader of the Beasties sounded pretty drunk. :P

All in all… this was definitely not my normal type of crowd or place (it’s a bar!). What is it with me and bars these days? I think it’s good I went alone, as I don’t think this was something most of my friends could probably stand (I probably have the crudest humor among my friends, and even this was crude for me, so…)

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