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December 15, 2008

Nancy’s Birthday

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Brr, cold today.  Was actually considering wearing what I wore to New York ’cause the temperature was about the same.  But wore my usual jacket and was mostly ok except for when I was standing out by the street waiting for David.  Wish I had my gloves then.

Burma Superstar wasn’t bad.  The sweet dishes were good, but maybe because we had too many salty dishes.  Also because we had two round tables, the conversations ended up being segregated.

The cake was green tea which was nice.

After that we went to Scharffen Berger for the chocolate factory tour which was cool especially with all the free chocolate.  And I think I finally understand the appeal of dark chocolate now as well.  It really does seem to taste different if you just let it melt instead of chew on it.  We all bought a chocolate bar before we left.  I went for the TOMÉ-AÇU which is some special limited chocolate that will (can?) never be made again supposedly (probably not true) though I sorta wanted to buy more.  :P


May 31, 2008

Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival

So the Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival is back!  At a new, more convenient location (from Solano to Shattuck) too.

Leqi and I left a bit after 10:30 and we got to Berkeley at noon, where we met up with Jenny who was waiting for us at the People’s Cafe.  From there, we went to the Cheese Board Collective for lunch.  Along the way we passed the registration booth for the chalk art so we registered for some space in front of Chez Panisse.  We were given a free chocolate sorbet which was cool but kinda ruined Leqi’s chocolate appetite for the rest of the day ’cause it was too sweet.  We then got some chalk and then had our lunch (a whole pizza that we almost finished).  Sat in the road divider along with other people, pretty neat.

Brainstormed on what to design and we went through some photos and eventually settled on sunflowers with the Chez Panisse logo below.

We got tickets first and then went around trying various stuff (woah, I guess I do like coffee after all, though the caffeine didn’t really wake me) before finally doing our chalk art, which took about 3-3.5 hours.  People seemed to like it, I think it’s because it was so big and full of solid color (which really makes chalk art look cool).  Many said they should’ve given us a free meal.  The employees, particularly this one woman, didn’t seem too pleased by our presence though.  She didn’t even know there was a chalk art festival going on and had come out to ask what we were doing at the beginning.  Oh well.

Afterwards, we went and cleaned ourselves, but when we came back, it was already kinda damaged, I guess by people walking on it to see the menu and/or some kids we saw running around walking on every single art piece.  Ugh.

We ended up having dinner at Great China.  Food was ok, I liked the pork.  But the waitresses seriously need to fill the water.  That’s one of the things I look at when deciding on tip.  Best = fill automatically.  Bad is me having to ask.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Worst would probably be ignoring me and I’d probably withhold all tip in that case.  We gave ok tip I guess for this service, which is actually kinda bad, since I’ve been finding myself overtipping by a fair bit when I’m happy with the service.

Jenny took some pics in the Bart station and I followed suit.  She has a knack for finding interesting vantage points.  :)

May 22, 2008

Summer Events

Things I’m interested in and will probably attend:

May 24 Tzu Chi Festival
May 24-25 Carnaval SF
May 31 Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival
Jun 1-15 Dine About Town
Jun 7 Berkeley World Music Festival
Jun 7 Worldwide D&D Game Day
Jun 15-Aug 17 Stern Grove Festival
Jun 22 Alice Summerthing
August 17-18 Golden Gate Renaissance Festival

Conventions I’d like to go to but probably won’t because of conflicts/too far/too soon:

May 23-26 Fanime
May 23-26 Kublacon
Aug 29-Sep 1 ConQuest SF

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