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May 23, 2008

Acquiring Wii Fit

Continuing from my last entry on Wii Fit. After camping the ToysRUs site for that one Wii Fit they were selling every hour yesterday, I finally managed to get one. After a brief celebration, they emailed me several hours later and said it was backordered. WTF. Then why the hell were you playing that stupid stupid 1-Wii Fit-every-hour game and wasting people’s time? Urgh. That’s just false advertisement/scamming. And I had already opened my copy up ’cause I thought it was finally settled.

Well, this morning, while checking the Wii Fit tracker I noticed that Amazon had it for sale. Ordered one immediately then called my friend who then ordered one. Canceled mine after that (as well as the stupid ToysRUs order) once I got confirmation from my friend. It’s actually cheaper than ToysRUs and doesn’t seem to have that stupid 2-3 day processing time too. Though it looks like the one sold on Amazon is actually being sold by Target, which is also selling a Wii+Wii Fit+Wii Wheel+Sports Pack+rechargeable batteries bundle for $400, which is kinda decent, except for the Sports Pack (and the wheel’s useless if you don’t get Mario Kart).

My friend ended up getting Wii Fit through Craigslist this morning after making the order though. Craigslist prices actually aren’t that bad either. The lack of shipping and sales tax makes the lower-end prices comparable to ordering it online. Gamestop/EB Games preorders should also be released pretty soon if people are still looking for it.

Anyway, since the Amazon/Target deal couldn’t be canceled, my friend will have an extra copy, which you may find for relatively cheap next week on Craigslist. :P


May 10, 2008

Fixing Windows Mobile Device Center and your phone

That was a painful ordeal.  Apparently I got plagued with multiple problems at once which is why it was so hard to get it all working (and I didn’t want to rely on a hard reset).  I’ve put together all the possible solutions I found related to connecting Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync) to your phone

WMDC just hangs when you connect your device, you get a red x or error message in WMDC, or just generally not being able to connect your phone to your computer

Solution 1:
1) Connect your device
2) Go to Manager (Computer > Properties)
3) Find the Portable Devices node
4) Locate the Windows Mobile device entry
5) Choose to uninstall the driver
6) Reconnect your device

Solution 2:
1) On your phone, go to Start \ Settings \ Connections
2) Select USB to PC
3) Uncheck the box next to Enable Advanced Network Functionality

Solution 3:
Turn off your firewalls (Zonealarm, Window’s built-in firewall, Live OneCare)

You can connect to WMDC, your phone even says it’s connected, but you still get a red x or error message in WMDC.  You can browse your phone and open files, but you are unable to copy, delete, move, or install files.  No applications appear in the Remove Program screen.  Missing icons in your start menu.

1) Soft reset the device
2) Start \ Office Mobile \ Word
3) Create a new document (click on New)
4) Type some text (no formatting)
5) File \ Save As…
6) Save as Plain Text (*.txt)
7) Click No When asked whether to save as a Word document instead
8) Soft reset the device
9) Start file explorer, find the file (My Device \ My Documents), click on it
10) Add some formatting (change to bold)
11) Close Word – Click Yes when asked again whether to save as a Word format
12) Soft reset the device

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