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April 26, 2008

Mamma Mia!

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My first musical (in an actual theater).  It actually wasn’t bad, considering the warnings we were given.  Yeah, there wasn’t much plot but it’s more about just comedy and mindless fun and listening to the music.  My favorite song was probably Money, Money, Money because of the discordant melody and general force of the song (helps with all the dancing going on).  In comparison, the Mamma Mia song was kinda uninspiring.

One line that struck me from the show was “That’s more than enough for four weddings! And a funeral!”  Confused, I remarked at the time that that would be a good name for a movie.  Of course, it’s been done.  14 years ago in fact.  I think I even saw it.  I guess the existence of the film was lingering in my subconscious but my consciousness, not understanding, came up with that explanation.  At least now I know this bit of trivia.

The best part of the show was when a kid shouted “I do, I do” near the end during the pause before the actress could say her line.  Everyone started laughing.  It’s a testament to how easy it was to get caught up in the show (there were some standing ovations after the show).

Though I have to admit I felt my consciousness slipping away a few times during the musical, but that’s due to my lack of sleep, not because the musical was bad.  We didn’t pick up anything after the show either, but I did donate $5 to their AIDS cause (there were some nice stuff available if you were willing to donate more, like aprons, or signed posters, or a unique signed poster prop).

Our balcony seats (the cheapest available) weren’t bad either and we had a nice clear view.

Before that, we had lunch at Kumako Ramen, which is ranked #23 on Joyce’s list, but we were discussing how several of the top 10 have closed down so the ranking may actually be better now.  We both had the special of the day, the hiyashi ume ramen, which was chilled plum ramen.  I picked it ’cause it was rather warm down in San Jose so I didn’t want to eat something hot.  It was decent, but if it wasn’t for the fact we were using a $10 gift certificate from restaurant.com which cost us $0.90 (use GOURMET as the coupon code right now to get 70% off) we think it would be kinda overpriced.  Her parents thought the gift certificate thing was a scam, but we can confirm now it isn’t.  :)  One thing to note about the gift certificates is that you can only use it once per party per month per restaurant.


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