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July 26, 2009


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A waste of $4.5 and 4.5 on free tickets to VAMPS that I won at Fanime.

First my review of the venue (The Regency Ballroom):

$1.50 for the two bottles of water they confiscated at the door.
$3.00 for making me coat check my bag because I had a “professional camera” (DSLR) and only “digital cameras” are allowed.

If you’re gonna coat check my damn bag then don’t grab and throw my water away without warning.  Also, when you do that to people, I’m not gonna pay $5 for your water inside.

Also, be consistent on the photography rules.
1) The MC actually said no *flash* photography allowed for the band, despite what your sign and security guy said.  Get it straight which it’s supposed to be.
2) If flash photography is not allowed, then it makes even less sense to force people with DSLRs to coat check those given those are the type of camera that can have the big ass lenses that don’t require flash in the first place.

Fire your idiot security.  Or management.

Next, my thoughts on the band/event itself.

1) A couple hundred people jumping on the floor = earthquake
2) What is up with those weird hand gestures.  Some people looked like they were having an epilepsy with the way they were shaking their hand. :P  Seems like most people were doing the satan sign  (index and pinkie) and the love sign (index pinkie thumb) with their hands, though looking at his videos on Youtube, I think this is a US thing as these weren’t nearly as common in those vids.  Hyde himself only did peace/victory (index and middle), which is more commonly mimicked in the videos.
3) Only two or three people with glowsticks.  Only one of them with a cyalume.
4) Again, girls seemed to get more in the mood.  Suspect boy band phenomenon a la Alice Summerthing.
5) Hyde talking in the middle was cool, through his Engrish.  :P  The best part was him noticing that SF has a Hyde street.
6) Hyde drinking and then spitting the water on the crowd, then tossing the water out of the water bottle at the crowd.
7) Lots of instrument switching.  KAZ would show off each new one.
8) One song I think had the bass player acting like a puppet.
9) They also did some covers.  Trouble – Shampoo and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Beatles.
10) Needed to use my headphones as earplugs.  They were selling earplugs for $1 at the coat check.
11) I felt a little like the guy in this K-On clip.

The gist of the video is: She’s rejected by the guy she likes because he likes wild girls.  So she changes for him.  But in the end, he tells her she’s gone too far and she’s rejected again. :P

July 22, 2009

Recent Saturdays

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7/11 – Bayanime karaoke meetup.  Bunch of people from BAUU showed up as well.  They picked Fillmore Karaoke which is a meh place AFAIC.  Very few Japanese songs, which is weird given this is an anime group.  A bunch of us ate at On the Bridge again.  The waitress this time wasn’t as good.

7/18 – Jenny and Nick’s birthday.  After much panic trying to get food from the restaurant and catching the Muni on time (came pretty much at the same time), ended up being delayed for over an hour because there was a train wreck at West Portal station.  Incredibly aggravating.  Lots of strangers.  Not many BST people left.  Learned, played, and won Race for the Galaxy.  Would not teach that to new players.  I find I don’t have much patience nowadays.  Parlour games were basically hide and seek and tag.

July 7, 2009

Recent events

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Two weekends ago, I was supposed to go help volunteer at the API Equality booth on Saturday.  They never showed up.  I walked around but didn’t really feel like taking pics.  Sunday, decided I didn’t really want to be in the crowd so didn’t go to the parade.  I notice several days later they’d left a message saying they didn’t have a booth so it had been canceled, but that we could join them for the parade if we wanted to.  Don’t think I would’ve really wanted to. :P

Last weekend, met up with Jenny and her friends in Moraga to watch fireworks.  I think for once, I may actually have fireworks pictures not obscured by cloud/fog.  Though the wind still creates some odd effects.

Today, met up with #fanime people.  Meeting people from online is a bit odd but people were friendly and we had fun.  Without my guidance, they ended up taking the very scenic route through SF. :P  We met up at Pacific Catch for dinner.

June 16, 2009

BayAnime, Bird Nest, Ankle

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Saturday I met up with people from BayAnime in Japantown.  First meeting for the group actually.  I’ve been looking for some group to expend my excess energy ever since Fanime so this is a good thing.  I actually met some of the people before I reached the meeting place (On the Bridge).  I actually thought they might’ve been going to it beforehand, but it wasn’t when they mentioned On the Bridge in their conversation that I was sure. :P

Anyway, 13 people showed up.  Food was actually pretty good and with proper portions for the price.  The waitress also gave us all a free soup or salad because of such a large group.  The owner talked to one of the group members a bit in Japanese, and then later gave us all some marshmallow with chocolate-filling for dessert.  Very good service.

Pretty varied backgrounds.  SFSU anime club co-presidents, someone from Gaia Online, Sailor Moon, people who’d gone to Fanime.  A lot of people were working (or even came from work) so I didn’t feel like the age group was too young.  Lots of interest in gaming too.  Got a beardog pin.

Sunday, while outside, I saw a bird nest on the ground.  Thought about putting it back in the tree, but unfortunately it had flipped over when it fell so the two eggs were cracked.  A boy walked by and asked me what it was, when I told him, his instinct was also to put it back in the tree.  I liked that pure, innocent nature, though he too gave up when I told him the eggs were already cracked.

Today, went for my 6-month checkup on my ankle.  X-rays look good.    I still have a little stiffness when I lift my ankle-inward.  Doctor said there should be improvement up to a year, and my surgery was in October, so it may still get better.  Still weird seeing all that metal in my leg.

June 13, 2009

Dine about Town and Up

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Thursday I went to Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine with Jenny for lunch for Dine About Town.  The appetizer sampler was nice in its variety (Sampler Trio – Crunchy Golden Lobster Potsticker, Teppanyaki Seared Shrimp and a daily Sushi Bite).  I liked my main course, which was “short ribs” (Honey Mustard Garlic-Charred Beef Short Ribs – Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Natural Sauce) though it had no actual rib.  Jenny had fish (Roy’s Classic Roasted Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi with Lobster Butter Sauce) which she thought was a bit dry.    The dessert was Hawaiian Passion Fruit Tart which we thought was meh.  She doesn’t like fruit, and I thought the fruits were too sour.

After work, we went to see Up in 3D.  Story itself was kinda touching but predictable in all aspects.  The 3D effect was well-done.  Haven’t actually seen 3D movies since I was a kid at Disneyland and the glasses were still red and blue.  I guess the glasses they have now are basically polarizers.  I wonder what would happen if I used my camera polarizer, would it work, or are the 3D effects tuned for these glasses?  We did notice that without the glasses, everything looked blurry, and fast moving things didn’t look smooth.  The glasses were also a bit uncomfortable, hanging out further out on my nose than my normal glasses, making it feel weird/itchy.

May 25, 2009

Fanime Sunday

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My day can be summed up in one word.


A longer, more detailed post will come later. I am beat.

May 20, 2009


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On Saturday I got up at 4:15AM, arrived at the area at 5AM (an hour early), and volunteered till 9AM, helped out a little more after that, took pics, met up with Cat, and went home at 1.  My arms have been sunburned since then.

This was for the Asian Heritage Street Celebration.

1. I was surprised at how many people are actually up at 4:30 in the morning on the bus.

2. Before my shift, I was basically helping out with barricades.

3. During my shift,  it was mostly just standing around, giving directions, and arguing with people unhappy about the barricades. :P (Future note to the organizers, it’s probably a bad idea to surround the entrance to Federal building garages with your barriers).

4. I sort of forgot I was wearing the volunteer shirt, but I’m guessing it probably gave me a +1 to my Charisma rolls while at the event while off-duty.

5. Portable toilets suck.  I used the public library’s.

6. Everyone and their dog has a DSLR now.  Especially near the stage.  Otherwise they’re using the video recording function on their P&S.  By next year, the DSLR people will be doing video as well (see T1i, D90, 5DMk2)

7. Ended up napping in the afternoon.

May 11, 2009

Summary update

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Friday – Went to see the films at Collective at the Coppola.  Not bad for what are essentially indie short films.

Saturday – Went to the Taiwanese American Cultural Festival.  They had yogurt drinks (yay).  They were out of tea eggs though (boo)

Sunday – Despite all the stuff going on, decided I didn’t really wanna go out.  Probably just as well as things would’ve probably been extremely crowded.

Monday –  Asian Heritage Street Celebration orientation.  Yay for free food.  Also people of all ages, and generally older than I expected.

April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

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About the swine flu.  Go get yourself infected!  That’s right.  Assuming you’re a healthy individual, better to get the less lethal strain now and make yourself immune to possibly much more lethal strains later.

If you need help on deciding where to go (or not go), there’s a Google map.

April 27, 2009


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Saturday – Cat’s going away party at her place.  Lots of people I don’t know.  Lots of people into cameras.  Mufasa the bunny spent the entire time running around being uncomfortable of so many people.  Before they came, he was at least willing to sniff my fingers.  Left after the potluck with half the people.  The other half stayed for water fun.

Sunday – haircut.  I think I cut my hair earlier now that I have work.  Not like in the past where I could just leave it as long as I wanted as long as I wasn’t going out, or even then.

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