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August 29, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. me

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I guess some people want me to blog, so I’ll write something.  It’s not like anyone really reads my Google Buzz, which usually gets reposted on Facebook anyway, and Facebook is not really suited for long posts.

So I saw this the week before my birthday as part of an early birthday celebration.  I think it’s now one of my favorite movies and I wouldn’t mind watching it again in theaters and will almost definitely buy the blu-ray when it comes out.

It’s a travesty that Vampire Suck is doing better than this.  What a sad state the world is in.

Anyway, since I became a little obsessed, I got the original comic books and the game and finished both within the week.  The comic book differs quite a bit from the movie after the third ex-boyfriend.  Some of the events also get shifted around for the movie, lines are said by different characters, and so on.  But otherwise it’s a pretty good adaption.

The video game follows the comic book for the most part, with some liberal interpretation to make the stages and bosses interesting, and also so you can play a bunch of different characters, not just Scott.

The first ex, I think all three mediums were awesome.  The second ex, I think the movie was the best.  The third ex, I think movie won out there as well.  The fourth ex, the comic book gives some more backstory and other characters, so I think the comic book wins there.  The fifth and six ex, comic book wins.  The movie’s fights for them was just dumb and boring.  The seventh ex, the movie was more fun, though it had a bit of a cliched lesson thing.  Comic book was a bit convoluted for this one, and almost deux ex machina in feeling.

Because of the additional backstory, the characters also make a bit more sense in the comic books which was just glossed over but still worked out okay in the movie.

The video game for the most part gets the same ratings as the comic book as far as plot goes, with bizarre endings, buggy crashes, 4-player co-op and a fun leveling system and a nice old-school feel that’s been missing from most modern games.

Both the movie and game had some nice music.  Obviously the comics do not have music, but it does come with lyrics, guitar tabs, and music suggestions the author used for inspiration.

December 27, 2008

Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter OP and ED

It’s over.  :(  Third season next fall.

So I guess in an attempt to prolong it for a bit longer, I looked up some information on the OP and ED songs.  Apparently there was quite a bit of collaboration.  The OP is “Sky High” by The Gospellers.  The ED is 東京 et 巴里 (Tokyo to Paris) by 宮本笑里 (Miyamoto Emiri) x solita.

So first, if you have no idea about the story, at its simplest, it’s a romantic comedy/drama/slice of life about two musicians.  As such, there is a lot of classical music presented in the series.   What’s notable about the opening and ending songs is that they are both actually variations of some classical music.

See if you can figure out what they are.

Ok, if you haven’t figured it out yet, then listen to the two videos below.  Failing that, just go to the video’s page and you can see what pieces they’re from.

In any case, the two songs tie in really well with the series.  What’s a little more unusual is that you can see people from the two videos in each other’s videos.  Emiri’s in The Gospeller’s video and The Gospellers’ are in her video.

December 19, 2008

When Harry Met Sally

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Not a bad movie.  I like how it took them many many meetings and so many years before they were finally really together.  Orgasm scene was the best.  Otherwise I think it was really all about Billy Crystal.

December 15, 2008

Nancy’s Birthday

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Brr, cold today.  Was actually considering wearing what I wore to New York ’cause the temperature was about the same.  But wore my usual jacket and was mostly ok except for when I was standing out by the street waiting for David.  Wish I had my gloves then.

Burma Superstar wasn’t bad.  The sweet dishes were good, but maybe because we had too many salty dishes.  Also because we had two round tables, the conversations ended up being segregated.

The cake was green tea which was nice.

After that we went to Scharffen Berger for the chocolate factory tour which was cool especially with all the free chocolate.  And I think I finally understand the appeal of dark chocolate now as well.  It really does seem to taste different if you just let it melt instead of chew on it.  We all bought a chocolate bar before we left.  I went for the TOMÉ-AÇU which is some special limited chocolate that will (can?) never be made again supposedly (probably not true) though I sorta wanted to buy more.  :P

December 11, 2008


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Went over to Stonestown to take a look at the new Trader Joe’s with Leqi.  Never been in Trader Joe’s before so it was interesting.  Then went to her place to watch WALL-E.  I think it worked a little better this time around without that looming spoiler like last time.  The shorts and deleted scenes were pretty cool too.  I really liked BURN-E and you could see how the story changed with the deleted scenes.

Trap was no set off again, I guess the mouse is really gone now.

December 1, 2008

Taylor’s Automatic Refresher

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Joyce was working in SF so asked if I wanted dinner.  We settled on Taylor’s.  Pretty expensive for burgers.  But the burger’s pretty good, the milkshake is a bit too frozen though (hard to suck up).  Garlic fries were fine.

November 21, 2008


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Yay, Leqi was on time today!  :P

So, we arrived early and basically had to sit around with everyone at the bar until the main area was open.  Tried some experimental photography.  Specifically with the mirrors on the bar.  Didn’t work too well because of how dark it was.

We were seated at the table next to the corner.  The beds are pretty big and clean and smells like hotels and there’s a table on it so your drinks and stuff won’t spill.  The menu was hidden, but basically there was some sort of soup at the beginning that had a scallop piece in the center, chicken thigh in the middle, and some sort of yogurt and brown sugar wafer and something else with caramel for dessert.  We were starving so I liked it though she thought Asia SF had better food.  I think the entertainment was better here though.  There was this guy in a blue rabbit suit who’d walk around and do stuff.  Leqi suffered his attention with him sitting on her and stuff.  :P  There was a table of clowns in the center who’d sometimes do stuff.  I’m not quite sure if they were part of the entertainment or actually guests.  Or maybe both?  And there was an acrobatics performance that was pretty cool.

We actually did end up ordering some alcoholic drinks (Supperclub Martini).  All I know is that it had godiva white chocolate in it and I still don’t really like alcoholic drinks… at least of the ones I tried.  She didn’t finish hers as usual.  So far, beer’s the only thing she likes (esp. Tsingtao I think), and I haven’t tried that yet, so maybe next time.  Maybe in New York?

Oh, we left around 10, and the doors opened at 7:30, so keep that in mind if you need to be places after dinner.  People were still inside drinking and some of the clowns were dancing.

No pics (may edit them in later) because I spent the rest of the night prepping for NY tomorrow.

November 19, 2008

Sutro’s at Cliff House

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So… out of the way.

I think it would’ve been better in the day, but that means the only time I could go is during the weekend.  At night, can’t really see too much.  Leqi seemed to like it though.

So we were here for the Appetite Stimulus Plan that’s going on this week.  Which means prix fixe for a cheaper price.  Bread was pretty standard.  Cold bread and butter. We both got the portobello mushroom soup which was good.  She got halibut and I got steak frites.  Steak was a bit tough even at medium-rare but the fries were really good.  Dessert was pretty good though we were pretty full by then.

November 15, 2008

Saw V

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The title for this entry was supposed to be Quantum of Solace dammit! :P

But went there at 6:30.  There were already lines for the 7:50 showing, and it was sold out until 10:30…

So we went to watch Saw V instead.  I was actually hoping Quarantine was still showing but no luck.  It was a little confusing ’cause I’d forgotten what happened in the previous movies.  It looks like they’ve set it up so that they could go all the way up to Saw VII if they wanted.

We ate at Sanraku before the movie.  Thought it was kinda nice for movie theater area food, if a little pricey.

November 12, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

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Mushroom pizza dinner at the Firewood Cafe (not bad).

Then we ran out the theater to get some ice cream from Just Desserts before the movie started (not bad either, though it cost almost as much as the pizza)

I really like the IMAX intro thing where they show off the theater specs, the part where it shows the back of the screen.

The movie itself was decent.  Main arcs were predictable.  We liked the fact that Alec Baldwin was in it ’cause we’ve been watching 30 Rock and we like his character there.  There was also the voice of Ross from Friends.  I’m sure I’ll get more jokes if I get a chance to watch it again with subtitles.  :P  The scenes with the penguins were of course good. :P

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