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Anyone that knows me in person would probably describe me in one word. Weird.

This is my 4th real blog.  I started it because I had made a post about the Expelled movie, then realized nobody was seeing it because the ping and rss feeds on my previous blog was broken, and didn’t look like it was going to be fixed soon.  So I moved that post over here.  That post pretty much set the tone for this blog and I have focused more on controversial topics.

My favorite topic is probably evolution, so it’s only fair for you to know where I stand on all the issues related to that.

First, I am Catholic. Not a very good one mind you (hey I’m human!), but I know my apologetics, though it’s a little rusty now. That said, I tend to be partial to an agnostic worldview. What that really means is that you’ll probably never be able to convince me to convert to something else (including atheism), for the same reason agnostics in general cannot be converted. But it also means I’m not interested in converting you.

I also accept the theory of evolution as the best scientific model we currently have. That means I believe in Theistic Evolution. No, that is not Intelligent Design at all, and if you ask, I’ll explain the difference. This means I look unfavorably on those who try to push Creationism (and all its ilk, including Intelligent Design) into science classes.

You may also find it edifying to know that my favorite chapter from the Bible is Romans 14.

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  1. Surprised you even talk about religion in your “About Me” post. hah

    Comment by Han — November 10, 2009 @ 11:22 am

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