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August 23, 2009

Monthly update

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Alright, let’s see, haven’t blogged in a while. *looks at one line summaries of what he’s supposed to blog about*

going away party
movies with jenny and lin
fanime meetup 2

Ok then.  So going away party, Aug 1.  It was for David and Joyce.  Joyce to Seattle, David to NY.  We decided to meet up at Berkeley since that’s where it all started.  Had some fun with the “death star” sculpture.  Saw Eric’s photo on one of the banners.  Then we had dinner at Chez Panisse since we’d wanted to go there for a while but never did it so it was our last chance.  Then we went to karaoke and I got annoyed at Music Tunnel’s new system.  If I enter in “a” in Japanese in the title search, I do not expect to be greeted with a blank screen. :P  We loitered around a bit more and then parted ways.

I’ll do the second #fanime meetup next.  This was August 15.  Met up with them at the bart station, and after almost losing people a few times, we finally made it to Japantown.  The actual event was sorta blah, but it was cool seeing Amano (who did FF artwork) and bumped into BayAnime people there.  We then ate at Shabu-sen for lunch before loitering for several hours in Japantown and parting before dinner.

Finally movies.  Wanted to watch Harry Potter, but Jenny hadn’t seen the previous one, so August 8, we used a card she had to rent out HP 5 and Coraline and watched it at her place with Lin.  I thought I would’ve been bored but I guess not.  And Coraline was a cool horror movie for kids.  Today, we actually went and watched HP 6 in the theaters.  But first, I went to the SF Street Food Festival and waited a long time for Jenny to show up (:P) then waited an even longer time to get to the end of the line to get Pizza Frita from the Pizzeria Delphina booth which turned out to be too salty.  I also got onigiri from Onigilly which wasn’t bad.  We met up with Lin at the Farmer’s Market at the Metreon and had our lunch before watching the movie.  Despite knowing about The Event, I still thought it was kinda moving when it happened.  After that, we had dinner at Katanaya and their BBQ pork is so good.  Then we went to find Jenny’s ex-roommate to give her her birthday card, which led to an interesting experience of Scientology.  We tried to be polite and just watch their vid, but the receptionist was kinda pushy so I pushed back, and I think she probably deemed me as a SP, or at least labeled as “very skeptical” which felt a lot like codeword for “avoid this guy, he’s bad news” :P

The ironic thing is, I’d actually be interested in watching their video (the same way I watch Creationist videos).  Just leave me alone and don’t try to start trouble yourself and we’ll all be happy. :P


  1. If you would like to see a creationist video that may surprise you check out this link:

    Comment by Eric — August 26, 2009 @ 11:35 am

  2. Keep it in the appropriate post please, thanks.

    Comment by dracil — August 26, 2009 @ 12:09 pm

  3. Please forgive me. You mention watching creationist videos above with [I assumed] critical interest, as you would liked to have watched the Scientology video. I thought this was germane — My mistake.

    Comment by Eric — August 27, 2009 @ 6:20 am

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    Comment by Francis — August 28, 2009 @ 8:36 am

  5. These layouts are so hard to follow. anyhow, how do I add you onto my subscriptions list?

    Comment by nontraditionalmedicine — April 21, 2010 @ 9:22 am

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