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June 16, 2009

BayAnime, Bird Nest, Ankle

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Saturday I met up with people from BayAnime in Japantown.  First meeting for the group actually.  I’ve been looking for some group to expend my excess energy ever since Fanime so this is a good thing.  I actually met some of the people before I reached the meeting place (On the Bridge).  I actually thought they might’ve been going to it beforehand, but it wasn’t when they mentioned On the Bridge in their conversation that I was sure. :P

Anyway, 13 people showed up.  Food was actually pretty good and with proper portions for the price.  The waitress also gave us all a free soup or salad because of such a large group.  The owner talked to one of the group members a bit in Japanese, and then later gave us all some marshmallow with chocolate-filling for dessert.  Very good service.

Pretty varied backgrounds.  SFSU anime club co-presidents, someone from Gaia Online, Sailor Moon, people who’d gone to Fanime.  A lot of people were working (or even came from work) so I didn’t feel like the age group was too young.  Lots of interest in gaming too.  Got a beardog pin.

Sunday, while outside, I saw a bird nest on the ground.  Thought about putting it back in the tree, but unfortunately it had flipped over when it fell so the two eggs were cracked.  A boy walked by and asked me what it was, when I told him, his instinct was also to put it back in the tree.  I liked that pure, innocent nature, though he too gave up when I told him the eggs were already cracked.

Today, went for my 6-month checkup on my ankle.  X-rays look good.    I still have a little stiffness when I lift my ankle-inward.  Doctor said there should be improvement up to a year, and my surgery was in October, so it may still get better.  Still weird seeing all that metal in my leg.

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