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May 20, 2009


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On Saturday I got up at 4:15AM, arrived at the area at 5AM (an hour early), and volunteered till 9AM, helped out a little more after that, took pics, met up with Cat, and went home at 1.  My arms have been sunburned since then.

This was for the Asian Heritage Street Celebration.

1. I was surprised at how many people are actually up at 4:30 in the morning on the bus.

2. Before my shift, I was basically helping out with barricades.

3. During my shift,  it was mostly just standing around, giving directions, and arguing with people unhappy about the barricades. :P (Future note to the organizers, it’s probably a bad idea to surround the entrance to Federal building garages with your barriers).

4. I sort of forgot I was wearing the volunteer shirt, but I’m guessing it probably gave me a +1 to my Charisma rolls while at the event while off-duty.

5. Portable toilets suck.  I used the public library’s.

6. Everyone and their dog has a DSLR now.  Especially near the stage.  Otherwise they’re using the video recording function on their P&S.  By next year, the DSLR people will be doing video as well (see T1i, D90, 5DMk2)

7. Ended up napping in the afternoon.


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