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April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

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About the swine flu.  Go get yourself infected!  That’s right.  Assuming you’re a healthy individual, better to get the less lethal strain now and make yourself immune to possibly much more lethal strains later.

If you need help on deciding where to go (or not go), there’s a Google map.

April 27, 2009


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Saturday – Cat’s going away party at her place.  Lots of people I don’t know.  Lots of people into cameras.  Mufasa the bunny spent the entire time running around being uncomfortable of so many people.  Before they came, he was at least willing to sniff my fingers.  Left after the potluck with half the people.  The other half stayed for water fun.

Sunday – haircut.  I think I cut my hair earlier now that I have work.  Not like in the past where I could just leave it as long as I wanted as long as I wasn’t going out, or even then.

April 25, 2009

Nintendo DSi

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Yeah, I got this on launch day but didn’t use it till now. Well, partly because I was waiting for my screen protectors to arrive, which came this week. Anyway, I’m writing this on my DSi. It is definitely a helluva lot better than the PSP’s browser. Writing this entry would’ve probably taken 10 times as long, if it even worked. A touchscreen makes a huge difference.

April 21, 2009


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Heh, I can actually buy a house!  http://www.redfin.com/CA/Richmond/326-Nevin-Ave-94801/home/1179088

From $326,000 to $27,500.

Though I think in some places in the US, you can get houses for less than $2,000, like Detroit.  Of course they’re in pretty bad areas/need a lot of fixing.

April 20, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival

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So lazy. :P

Well, I guess I’m glad I didn’t go the other days or I’d probably have been bored today.  The parade was alright.  We actually left early.  The problem was the sun.  No clouds.  I think I’ll be sunburned tomorrow.  It was also just really hot in general, so that I ended up buying a lot of drinks today.  Problem is none of them were really cold enough and I was just unsatisfied until we split up and I got something from starbucks (yay ice!).  But then I got on the Muni which had AC and then I was too cold.

Anyway, I met up with Catherine and her friend Arbie (sp?).  They both brought yukatas.  Nobody knew how to tie them properly though.

April 19, 2009

Catherine’s Going Away Party + Charlie’s kendo tournament visit

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Originally it was just Charlie coming up because of his kendo tournament, but then we also made it Catherine’s going away party.

There was cake.

And Ethiopian food at Addis.

And a card.

Not necessarily in that order.

We also went to Aaron’s place to drink his special milk tea that he likes better than the shop-made milk tea.

April 15, 2009

Time Machine poster

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April 14, 2009

Thailand’s a mess

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Red shirts vs. yellow shirts and maybe even blue shirts.

Eh, my understanding of the politics is that Thaksin sucks.  New prime minister may also suck.  So they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.  And the king won’t take sides.  If the king took a side, I think everything will end since the people will respect his choice.

April 12, 2009

Love, actually

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One of the better romantic comedies I’ve seen.  I guess it helps that there are some not-so-happy ends.  Well, I guess two really.  The other one kinda happened in the beginning.

Too bad the real world doesn’t really happen like the happy ends.

I think what really helped push the movie for me was Alan Rickman and Rowan Atkinson.  The first one because I realized he was Professor Snape, and everyone should know Mr. Bean.


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So the NOM NOM NOM people are launching a new initiative called 2M4M.  I’ll let you all think about that for a while.  What do you think it stands for?  What does it look like?

I dunno about you, but it sounds like something you’d see in the gay section of the personals.  Like, 2 men seeking out a 3rd man to join them in a threesome.

Ok, so what it’s really supposed to stand for is “2 Million for Marriage”

Unfortunately for them though, they were too slow and 2M4M.org has already been registered for 2 Men for Marriage, a pro-marriage equality site.

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