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March 21, 2009

SF International Chocolate Salon

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So I splurged a bit today.  I also violated Lent by accident.

Lots of free chocolate sampling at the SF International Chocolate Salon.  Some wine sampling too, though the one I actually liked, I think I would like better if it was just pure chocolate. :P

As for violating Lent, one of the samples I tried had bacon in it.  Oops.  But I bought a couple, since I can eat them on Sundays and I thought it was interesting.  It even has those fizzy pop rocks in it, along with two kinds of sea salt.  the other thing I really liked was Schoggi.  I found I actually didn’t really like dark chocolate all that much.  Scharffen Berger is special in that regards.  Or maybe I was just having too many different chocolates for me to really appreciate them here.

Randomly caught the tail end of some Shaolin Temple thing at Union Square while going to the BART station.

Was heavily tempted at Games of Berkeley but resisted buying anything, then met up with Cat and we ate at Thai Basil.  Pad Thai and Pad See Yew.  No chicken.

The Panda Candy was… weird.  Everyone was weird in the film.  I kept wondering 1) How this could be shown in China and 2) If it would get an R rating or a NC-17 rating in the US.  Lots of nudity and awkward sex scenes and lesbians.  But kinda boring.

Had a bit of run-around fun on BART when we forgot to transfer.


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