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March 15, 2009

Sophia’s going away party

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That pretty much sums up this weekend.

Our group arrived on time, Aaron’s car was 30 min late, so we just chilled at Fang and Jason’s place, eating cookies from the cookie jar I gave Sophia.

After dropping off some stuff, we went over to Boardwalk, which was actually quite a bit different from what I expected.  Most of us just did the Ferris Wheel, though a few people did the haunted ride ’cause Aaron didn’t want to do the Ferris Wheel.  Surprisingly, the Ferris Wheel wasn’t as calm as I’d expected, esp. while going up very slowly.  Partly because of the wind and my worrying about my camera somehow falling off.

Oh, garlic fries were good there.

Went on the beach for a little bit there.

Then we went over to UCSC.  No good pics of deer again. /annoyed.

There was a cool art project there though, with a bunch of clothing with people’s secrets.  It was literally airing out dirty laundry.

We had dinner a Sushi Totoro.  Mmm… service could’ve been better.   Best thing there was there wasabi.  It was the sweetest wasabi I’ve ever had, and I just had to try eating some directly.  My tongue complained though (it felt like I’d bitten my tongue on the sides).  Then again, it may not be real wasabi.  Salmon sashimi was also very tasty.  Other stuff was ok.

Then it was back to Fang’s place for the cake and gifts (Sophia also gave us candy gifts at the restaurant).  Lots of talking with people unwilling to go home until after 11.  Then more talking after that and we ended up sleeping at 2, which meant none of us got up till 9:30+.  Many of us didn’t sleep well (sorry Aaron :P).

We had lunch at some brunch place though I think we weren’t very impressed with it.  Tastiest thing there was the sausage I think.  I guess that’s a good thing since I definitely like the breakfast places near my place more, so I can be happy if I want that type of food.  :P

Goodbye Sophia!  Have fun in Taiwan!


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