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March 5, 2009

California Supreme Court Prop 8 Court Case Rally

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This is why I’ll never be a good photographer.  I can’t just pick one or two pics to display. :P (Though this was narrowed down from 17 pics, which was narrowed from 45, which was narrowed down from 101).

Anyway, I took these photos in the morning before work.  Which is the other thing.  There’s only so many photos you can take during the daytime on a weekday when you have a job. :P

One thing I noticed about the Yes on 8 people was that none of them would look at my camera directly.  Shifty eyes and looking everywhere but here.  There was a definite sense of unease about them.  Even when I asked them to show me their signs and stuff.  Then again, this is not their home territory.  Didn’t have the same problem with No on 8 people.

About the actual court hearing, it was kinda disappointing, since it seems Justice Joyce Kennard may be siding with the Prop 8 people this time.  That guy standing in for the attorney-general, Christopher Krueger, didn’t do too well IMO.  Kenneth Starr basically tried to argue that the marriages would not be invalidated, just not recognized.  Which is like if Taiwan declared independence, but every other nation in the world ignored them.  It would make it meaningless.  You can read some argument summaries here.

Other thoughts: I like how so many Christians think it’s ok to blackmail the judges.  WWJD?


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