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January 1, 2009

New Year’s Eve ’08

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I don’t think I’m fun to be around.

Or maybe it’s just worse when I’m alone because I’m completely free and have nobody to talk to.

So Ching wanted to just do stuff with only her group of friends and her soon-to-be-boyfriend which meant I was able to just do whatever I wanted since nobody else is even really around now.

Went to watch stand-up comedy at The Clubhouse, which was great.  It was free (but they request a $1+ donation for their college) and it was BYOB which means none of the annoying 2 drink minimum a lot of these places have.  The first two rows were empty and I asked if there was a reason, and the people said you’d get heckled.  I shrugged and sat center middle row.  Joe Nguyen started out, he was ok.  Next was Kevin Camia who was also ok but interacted with the audience more which is always fun.  Finally it was the headliner Joe Klocek who was really good and also had the most audience interaction.  In particular it was the two boys on the left and the two guys on the right and he did some cool stuff with how they were really the same two people.  And also the parents of the boys were there, so the bad influence stuff was brought up a lot (this show was really intended for 18+) but the parents were cool about it.  Then there was the stalker guy on the far right and the gay guy at the back.  I didn’t get heckled at all.  :P  Unfortunately, I looked at some of his videos online and he did repeat some jokes at the end.  But he also added some fresh material to them so it wasn’t all bad, but they weren’t as enjoyable.  The rest of the people loved it though.

After that, I decided to go to Tank Hill to set up for photos.  And I waited and waited.  And waited some more.  Eventually some people called and the muni people said that we’d be waiting another hour.  I decided to go find a restroom in the meantime.  Didn’t find one, and when I came back, apparently the bus had came and left.  Ugh.

Not wanting to wait another hour and worry about how I was getting home afterward the fireworks, I decided to go to Ina Coolbrith Park instead.  That involved a cable car ride from Powell Street.  While waiting a group of people decided I looked like Hiro (everyone thinks I look like Hiro >_>) and even took a pic with me.  I should’ve squinted my eyes or something.  :P  If I was actually extroverted I may have actually struck up a greater conversation and maybe spent the night with them.  Or maybe not.  *shrug*

Anyway, I got a bad spot holding onto the side for dear life.  Holding on in and of itself isn’t a big deal.  It’s a big deal when I’m also trying to keep my bag and tripod from falling off and not hitting my head from the cable cars running in the opposite direction especially while the cable car is going up and down the hills.  I also get a call from my parents during this ordeal and wasn’t able to answer it.

Eventually I make my way to Ina Coolbrith Park.  It was… tiny.  And trees and buildings blocked a lot of the view.  Kinda disappointing actually.  There were some people there but it was cool, I thought that this really was a nice secret place and set up my stuff.

Then close to midnight, a huge group of people came.  What’s worse, they were all damn smokers.  I hate smokers.  They are the worst people in the world.  And they were the worst type of smokers too.  The kind who blow upwards so their smoke can spread everywhere in the wind.  Ok, that’s not really true.  That’s actually a function of mood and they aren’t really the worst people in the world.  But I still hate smokers.  That goes double when I have to worry about the smoke particles going on my camera lens.

Also, it was cloudy.  And foggy.  This was essentially July 4 all over again.  *sigh*

Decided to hike it back to the muni instead of waiting for possibly non-existent transportation or taking a taxi.  That was a really bad decision.  I should’ve taken the taxi.  Especially since the taxis are free tonight.

So by the time I got to Powell it was about 1AM.  Wait wait wait, finally, there’s an L line in 10 minutes.  Given how packed every train was, I decide waiting at Powell would be suicide so I took the next inbound train (which happened to be L) which would mean that that L would be the one I take back.  And according to the completely F-ed up BS logic that Muni employs, they turn that L into a K.  And then guess what comes right after?  A 2-car K.  Just WTF are they thinking?  The L never comes.  And after 40 minutes they tell us there will be no L, and we’re gonna need to take a shuttle to West Portal.  You know what?  They need to fire the idiot who makes these completely F-ed up decisions.  It’s not just today, though today was really extreme.  I deal with this idiocy daily when I go home from work.  It’s a stupidly simple solution too.  DON’T HAVE TWO TRAINS TO THE SAME PLACE ONE AFTER ANOTHER.  Make the second train something else.  Because you know what?  You’re barely going to fill that second train up because people just left on that first train.  Just turn it into whatever line has been waiting the longest.  Much better efficiency and much fewer pissed off people (I’m not the only person who gets annoyed over this, I often hear other people grumble).

Of course, the L-bus at West Portal is jam packed to the max.  Hate sardine situations because getting off while it’s still full makes everyone unhappy.

Oh, and my foot was hurting all night if I didn’t walk just right (putting pressure more on the inside would keep the pain away).  It did get better eventually though.

So yeah, aside from that comedy club, I should’ve probably just stayed home or something.

Though looking at my photos (still need to process them, and a bunch of older stuff), I think the fireworks were a bit better than July 4.  The conditions were a little better, and I wasn’t using my telephoto lens, just my wide, so I was able to capture everything better (though it may be smaller), but it also includes the scenery, which is good.  Though I was actually zoomed in all the way so I wouldn’t include people’s heads and that focal length was something my telephoto could’ve done, so the lens didn’t actually matter as much this time.  The distance mattered more.  Though this lens IS better quality…

Hmm, and apparently my camera can get hot pixels with 3 second exposures at F/5.6 and ISO 100.  :(


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