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December 30, 2008

Gaza Protest in SF

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It began at 5, I went there at 7.  Didn’t see anyone, and walked down Montgomery to head on home and then stumbled on them.  They were camped out in the middle of the street completely blocking traffic and there was a lot of police there with their batons out.  They marched to Union Square and I followed.  After a while, they moved on, probably to Civic Center but I decided to go home after that.

BTW, this was supposed to be a “silent” vigil.  It was anything but.

As far as my personal opinion about the issue goes, the Pro-Palestinian protests are one of the things that got me really disgusted with liberals when I was at Cal (and contributed to my shift t.  The other would be the affirmative action stuff.  It’s not that I support what Israel’s doing, it’s that you hear nary a peep from these same protesters about the actions of Hamas, who will in so many words, spew out feel-good messages about stopping violence/protecting peace, but can only seem to bring themselves to condemn Israel.  Yeah, balanced much?  It just stinks to high heaven of hypocrisy.  If they ever mention the actions of the Hamas/Palestinians it is only after a LOT of goading and even then, it will just be a token reference.  Like token minorities in movies.  Not very convincing.


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