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December 7, 2008


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So I have this bag of cereal in my room that I opened and just left it there for a long time (I was using it for a snack earlier).  Kept hearing some sounds near it and thought it was just paper or bags settling, went over and saw a brown butt and tail.  WTF, a mouse?  Kinda thought it might’ve been my imagination, but I also saw black stuff earlier which I then knew was probably mouse droppings.  Then I saw it poke its head out later so I know I wasn’t imagining things.

I have set a trap to try to capture it alive.  Basically I put a bunch of cereal inside a large rectangular water bottle (1.5 liters?) and put it in a box so it won’t fall over.  Then put some cereal leading a trail to it from a box above it.  The idea is for the mouse to follow it, scramble in, then not be able to get out.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll probably try again using a trashcan and a cardboard tube with food at the end of it, so when the mouse steps into the tube, it’ll fall into the trash can and then it’ll be stuck there.  Kinda like this.

I know mice can jump relatively high but I think it’ll be high enough.  I dunno, I think I’ve generally found mice to be cute.  I used to have hamsters (though they liked to bite me if I held them too long), and I worked with black mice for undergraduate research in Berkeley.  If I successfully catch it, I may actually try to keep it as a pet, though that’s probably a bad idea.  At worst, I may take it to one of the parks.


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