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December 1, 2008

Jolin Tsai concert

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I hate going down to San Jose.

As usual, she was late again.  It’s actually aggravating for me because I usually try to arrive early.  :P

Since she’d pretty much woken up, gotten ready, and came here she hadn’t eaten so she was still hungry so we ate at the hot dog stand at the Fremont Bart which I used to eat at every night when I was still living in Milpitas.

It wasn’t actually enough so we ate at Hydration, which is basically a milk tea place.  They had crispy chicken as a bento box which we got and it was pretty decent and not expensive relative to what we’ve been eating and just general SF food prices.

So, it was the same place where I saw gymnastics with Joyce, except they put a bunch of chairs on the ground and that was the premium seating.  They said no cameras and no recording devices but pretty much everybody ignored them.  Lots of people rushing forward and getting sent back by the staff and people “misreading” their seat numbers.  Tsk tsk.  Also lots of people standing up.  There was one point where Leqi got pulled down by some old man behind us which really pissed her off because 1) it wouldn’t have helped since everyone else in front was also standing up and 2) there was no way we could see anything if we sat down as well.

Anyway, I only knew like 3 of the songs.  Jolin also did some pole dancing, and we had a couple of glowsticks to wave around.  I spent most of the time trying to take good pictures.  Concert lighting is just awful for cameras.  I ended up sticking with manual mode through most of it because the camera was making everything too bright.  By making it darker, I was able to get even faster shutter speeds for better quality.

That said, I think I probably should’ve brought my telephoto lens instead since I was shooting at stuff like 1/200 and f/3.5 at ISO 400.  Pictures would’ve been blurrier/noisier but it would also be a lot larger.

Oh, and ENERGY (boy band) also made an apperance during the show.

It was a lot shorter than we expected too, so we were able to go home via public transportation (yay) and didn’t need a taxi.  Didn’t even need to write down the numbers since there was a steady stream of cabs passing by the bus stop.


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  1. lol! I went to the concert too, but i thought it was pretty good, but yeah it did start half and hour after it was supposed to.

    Comment by carolyn — December 1, 2008 @ 6:45 pm

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