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November 29, 2008

Returning from New York

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I’m surprised I didn’t lose anything.  Though I did think I forgot my phone when we arrived at the airport.

Got up at 7, asked hotel to call taxi at 8, got to airport by 8:45.  Had an awful breakfast at the airport.

We flew to LAX and arrived there an hour early.  Had a hard time sleeping on the plane.  Just wasn’t comfortable.  Started watching the MILF Island episode from 30 Rock before the plane started to land so we had to stop watching.

We were pretty hungry and ate at Ruby’s Diner and got some vanilla creme thing from next door ’cause they were out of milkshakes.  Mushroom Swiss burger was good.  Clam Chowder was thick and had too much bread.  Leqi though the chowder was too thick or salty.  The Parmesan Bleu Cheese fries needed the cheese to stick to the fries better.

LAX to SFO was a short flight so I mostly tried to sleep.

From there it was just BARTing to Civic Center before separating ways.  Still need to bring the stuff she stuffed in my bag tomorrow.

Oh yeah, people who put their bags in the overhead compartment lengthwise need to go DIAF.


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