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November 29, 2008

New York Day 7

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Didn’t have internet access so this is backdated.

So we overslept because I forgot to turn the sound on on my phone.  Went to Penn Station before splitting up.  She went to Victoria’s Secret while I went to B&H and then later to The Compleat Strategist.  B&H was still out of stock of the bag I wanted so I didn’t buy anything there.  Boo on them not letting me take pics of the store either.  I got my Dominion game from the second store though.  A lot larger than expected.

From there we went to Jean-Georges for lunch.  This was definitely the best restaurant we went to on our entire trip.  And the lunch price was reasonable as well.  Very artistic presentation.  I did notice that he really liked the sour taste.

From there we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then to the Museum of Modern Art.  Kinda pressed for time so was mostly a rush through the two museums.  Leqi was hoping to see Van Gogh’s sunflower painting but unfortunately it’s supposed to be in London.  She wanted to go to London afterwards.  :P

For dinner we ate at One if by Land, Two if by Sea.  Yeah, I guess the atmosphere is romantic, but it’s kinda too loud to hear the piano music.  She was annoyed by the lady who forced us to coat check though.  Food itself was ok, not really worth the price.  Dinner at Jean-Georges would’ve probably been better.  :P  Best thing about them was that they offered Cowgirl Red Hawk cheese for dessert.  The same cheese from Cowgirl Creamery at the Ferry Building where I often buy their Mt. Tam Cheese.

We went back to the Broadway Comedy Club after that.  Got front row seats this time.  What’s special about being in the front?  You become a target of jokes.  Mostly they commented about how young I looked and my camera. :P  The only bad thing was that Frank Vignola, who was also here on Wednesday, basically told the same jokes, though he did say some stuff relevant to today’s audience.  We found the last two the funniest.  Maybe because they focused mostly on relationships and marriage.  There was also some political stuff, and apparently a big chunk of the front table people voted for McCain so they probably didn’t like the jokes as much.  :P


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