Dracil’s BlogJournal

November 27, 2008

New York Day 5

Took a long time to get her up today.  :P

First top was the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine.  Awesome looking cathedral.  But too big and too many trees to take good pics.  There was some singing performance by kids from their school while we were there so we left soon after.

Went to the Museum of Sex, which was fun, but short.  First exhibit was just animal sex which is like educational stuff though funny in some bits.  Second exhibit was basically porn through the ages.  Third exhibit was the sex toys, which was the most interesting.

Instead of lunch, we bought Godiva chocolate and then went to the theater to catch the All My Sons show.

I wasn’t fully awake for the first half, but the second half was a lot more interesting.  I didn’t realize John Lithgow was in it before, but I liked him since watching 3rd Rock from the Sun a long time ago as a kid.  Leqi was mainly there for Katie Holmes.  Then we found out Tom Cruise was there.  And so was David Beckham and his wife.  After the show, we crowded outside like everyone else and tried to get photos.  Didn’t really get good pics of Tom Cruise (cry) because of all the damn people with their flashes blocking my view or flashing at inopportune times.  Best pics were actually of John Lithgow and I may be able to recover some shots of Katie Holmes.  The only clear shot of Tom Cruise had his face completely whited out by someone else’s flash.  Meh.

Oh, we also randomly bought tickets to the Broadway Comedy Club ’cause some guy was selling them for half price.  Was kinda worried it was a scam but it turns out it was legit after we went to the club itself to confirm and make reservations.

Ate at Pearl Oyster Bar again.  They recognized us.  :P  Ate the same thing sans clam chowder but with oysters.  I like the fried oysters.

Then it was to the comedy club again.  There was a guy who looked like Sylar though his jokes weren’t too funny.  I think we found Christian Finnegan the funniest.  There was one point where I couldn’t breathe ’cause I was laughing too much.  :P


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