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November 25, 2008

New York Day 4

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My feet are killing me.

So, after much dilly dallying last night about whether or not we wanted to go wait in line in the rain for Conan o’Brien standby tickets, she couldn’t wake up, so we didn’t.  :P

Instead, we went straight to Rockefeller Plaza for the NBC Studios tour, stopping to get some Godiva chocolate first.  The tour itself was pretty cool.  We saw how tiny Conan o’Brien’s stage studio really is, saw the SNL studio (pretty big, but split into 4 sets).  Ate a pretty blah lunch at Rock Center Cafe (the thing we ordered, Crab and Risotto cakes was more expensive and in tinier portions than what everyone else seemed to be getting).  Did quite a bit of shopping at their store too.  Rain stopped soon after so we went to the Top of the Rock and got some very nice pictures that I hope to process soon (HDR).

Then we got more Godiva chocolate (strawberries and raspberries and blueberries) before walking down to Times Square and getting pics of all the lights.  Then we went off to see the Empire State Building, which was an awful awful process of too much standing for a very cold view of a really nice night view.  Really hard for the cameras though.

Then we went to Pearl Oyster Bar and had clam and lobster.  I think so far she likes this restaurant the most ’cause she wants to come back here again.  :P


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