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November 23, 2008

New York Day 2

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So some observations about New York.  Drivers here are so much more impatient than San Franciscans.  It’s like constant horn honking here.  Seems like a lot more jaywalking over big streets, and there subways are… so much dirtier than San Francisco’s.  Some of them are huge though.  Like Penn Sation, which also doubles as a train station.  Almost like a mini-airport.

So for Day 2…

Rushed over to B&H, the holy land of photo and video equipment (and some other stuff).  There was already a pretty long line there, like a block 5 minutes before opening time.  I felt happy being amongst so many others.  It was like a pilgrimage.  :D  Anyway, I was actually surprised by the fact that almost all the employees were wearing those Jewish caps (kippahs).  Apparently the store is run by Orthodox Jews.  I  was only there for some cleaning supplies but I really want to go back again and get a real good look around.  They put your order in a basket which is then placed on a conveyor belt and sent downstairs to the checkout area, where you pay for your stuff and then pick up your goods.  Quite efficient.

Anyway, after that, we were off to Battery Park, and were a bit early.  The schedule disruption wasn’t as bad as I thought and the shuttle buses were pretty frequent but crowded.  We got seats though.  We bought some gloves and Leqi bought a beanie from a roadside vendor at Battery Park which really helped.  Yesterday my hands were literally numb from the cold, though today was warmer anyway.

From there, our first stop was to see the Statue of Liberty.  Went through an airport-style screening and was worried they might confiscate my cleaning solution (it’s flammable), but they didn’t catch it or didn’t care.  Didn’t do the audio tour there, just took pics and went straight into the pedestal, where there was also a museum.  It was ok.  But apparently without a ticket, you can’t even see the museum inside.  Also, while we were waiting in line to enter the statue, when we we were almost through security (just one couple ahead of us), they made us clear the area because someone left an unattended green bag.  As we were leaving, one of the guards came back and said “That’s mine.”

… yeah, that was great.

Then we were off to Ellis Island.  We did the audio tour there, which was pretty good.  Like the Alcatraz one, but less automated.  You have to keep entering numbers for the different exhibits.  It was cool but it would probably work better for Americans with ancestors who went through there.

Then we went off to Fatty Crab for dinner, which was interesting.  Apparently their cook is a “white boy” as quoted from one of the waiters who studied in France then went to Southeast Asia then decided to do Malaysian food here.  The waiters were all dressed in T-shirts and looked relaxed.  The guy even sat down at the table next to us while telling us about the food.  That was cool.

We got the Chili Crab, (was good, but oh so messy), Chinese broccoli with salted fish (where was the fish?  Was it that small crunch stuff?  Tasted pretty good though), and coconut rice (really good coconut taste).  But pretty expensive for what we got (crab was of course the most expensive).

And from there, it was back to the hotel for some R&R.


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