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November 22, 2008

New York Day 1

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Forgot my headphones so I got the $2 headphone from Virgin America.  Crap quality but at least it works.  Watched 30 Rock while we were waiting for boarding.

Couldn’t really sleep on the plane, and got annoyed at them when they stopped asking for drinks right as they got to us because they ran out of water.  WTF.  So I made them give me 3 drinks.  :P

We arrived early, but our luggage got delayed from a jam, so we had to wait an extra hour.  However, the taxi was fast so we still arrived ahead of schedule and checked our bags.

Then we got breakfast and luckily Europan was still open which I thought might’ve closed ’cause their website no longer lists this address.  Then we went to get our cruise tickets.  Decided to do the 4PM cruise instead of 6PM because of how cold it already was and we could see the sunset that way as well.  Decided not to go to the Intrepid museum so we just walked around trying to find a place to scape the cold.  Went into some restaurant nearby first but decided to leave after we finished our beef stew.  We then hid inside some corner store and drank their tea until it was almost time.

On the cruise (2 hours around the South of Manhattan), I got some sea spray on my lens so that kinda triggered an obsessive reaction from me, so now I need to go to B&H tomorrow morning and get some cleaning stuff.  :P

Meanwhile, I can’t remember what time I booked for our ferry tomorrow, and their confirmation email doesn’t mention the time either.  Urk.  Hope they pick up tomorrow when I call in the morning, and hope it’s 12.  Because apparently there’s no direct line to the ferry tomorrow either.

Currently using the wi-fi at the lounge in the hotel.


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