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November 12, 2008

On Proposition 8

The biological argument fails because we don’t ban marriages for infertile couples nor do we require that couples must have children.

The traditional argument fails because marriage has been changing through history, from when women were essentially livestock to the fact that same-sex marriages existed since Roman times.

The protecting marriage argument fails because these same people don’t spend nearly the same amount of time and effort on divorce.

The slippery slope fallacy fails because it’s a fallacy.

The religious argument fails because we are not a theocracy.

The “it’s only a word” argument fails because if you truly believed that, you’d know it works both ways and you wouldn’t have any problem with them having that “only a word”.

The will of the voters argument fails because of tyranny of the majority and something called checks and balances along with the possibility that Proposition 8 itself was actually illegal because it did not go through the proper process as required for constitutional revisions and instead passed itself on as a constitutional amendment.  Also, the “will” of the voters is drastically changing.  8 years ago, the margin was 23%.  It is now 4%.  The reason they don’t want a third vote is because they know that time is against them and that the next time, full equality will win out, especially when a lot of the Obama effort can shift their energy back on this.  Also, they are friggin’ hypocrites because they keep putting the abortion notification thing in the ballots even though it’s been defeated THREE times now.

The “we should abolish all marriages and let marriage be defined by the individual religion but I voted Yes on H8” fails because voting your definition of marriage into the constitution is exactly the opposite of not letting the state have anything to do with marriages.

Also, what’s with people complaining about being boycotted?  Yeah, you have the right to donate money for your political beliefs.  And we have the right not to patronize your business as a result.  But people really need to be more careful and not target a business because an employee made the donation.  Employers cannot legally do anything about that.  But if the employer made the donation, then their business is fair game for a boycott.

There’s a nationwide protest this Saturday as well.  http://jointheimpact.com/


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  1. Here is a link to some images that I captured at the Prop 8 demonstration in NYC on Wednesday evening:



    Comment by bittenbyazebra — November 12, 2008 @ 10:03 pm

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