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October 22, 2008

Tsk tsk Virgin America + SFSU Observatory

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That was a lot of annoyance for no good reason.  Made flight reservations today, realized several hours later that it was wrong.  So called them up.  Apparently I got a new person who had no idea how to do stuff or their policies who somehow managed to charge me an extra $600 for a simple flight day change.  Naturally I got annoyed at that and made them put everything back the way it was.

Called several hours later and the new person was much better.  Quick, efficient, and even knew that there was supposed to be a 20-hour grace period on changes.  So all’s good now.

In between, went over to SFSU to check our their observatory with Leqi.  Was… a bit disappointed.  All their telescopes are computerized and preset at objects in the sky, so no looking around by yourself for interesting stuff.  I should’ve brought my binoculars.  The view is pretty good up there.  Discussed our plans for the trip next month and decided we were hungry since neither of us had eaten yet.  Only thing open was Chevy’s so that’s what we had.  Their… mixed grill plate was pretty good actually.  Other was stuff was just standard fare.  Didn’t finish though.  We always end up ordering a bit too much (even though it was just one appetizer and one main dish).

Also, my new external hard drive arrived.  Which means I can start taking photos again!  (every time my memory card fills up, that’s 8GB, not including post-processing)


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