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October 19, 2008

This is why I try to plan stuff

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I also try to add a bit of a buffer sometime.  Still, I guess I cut it too close today.

Original plan:
11:00 AM Leave house get on bus
11:40 AM Meet with Leqi go to Great Eastern together
12:00 PM Arrive, wait 15 minutes, be done by 1:15
1:15 PM Go to the Mission Bay library to see the Trolley Dance tour
2:00 PM Trolley Dance tour begins
4:00 PM Tour ends, make our way back to Westfield to catch Body of Lies and maybe look at guide books at Borders while waiting
5:00 PM Watch Body of LIes
7:15 PM Finish and rush off to Asia SF
7:30 PM Make it in time for the reservation

What really happened:
11:00 AM Just miss the bus, cuss
11:17 AM Catch the bus
11:37 AM Wow, the bus was fast.  Doh, Leqi says she’s going to be 20min late
12:15 PM She arrives, we catch the bus to Great Eastern
12:30 PM Arrive, huge line
1:15 PM Finally get seated
2:00 PM Finish, get to bus stop
2:15 PM Catch the THIRD bus to come by because the first two didn’t stop on account of being full
2:45 PM See the 2:45 tour leave just as we arrive.  Tour info people tell us it’s full anyway and priority to the people with wristbands, but we can still join them
3:15 PM First performance finishes, T line trolley is full.  They tell us to go to the last performance area and catch it with the 2PM group, which we do.  Have ice cream from Subways while we wait for the 2PM group to arrive
4:20 PM Show’s over, rush off to catch T line to Westfield
5:00 PM Arrive just in time to buy tickets for Body of Lies.  Luckily there weren’t that many people watching it so we still got good seats and catch the previews.  We both kinda half-doze through the movie because we didn’t sleep enough
7:20 PM Finish and rush off to Asia SF
7:40 PM We’re a bit late, but it’s not that full tonight anyway so we didn’t really need the reservations anyway

Anyway, it was an enjoyable day.  We ordered a bit too much food for lunch.  Probably should’ve cut 2 dishes (we had 7).  Trolley performances were interesting.  Last one was the most elaborate.  Second one was fun as we had to run around and follow the performers as the moved to different areas.  As for the movies, I like how it deals with current events.  I wonder if one of the lines from Body of Lies was poking fun Leonardo and his role in Titanic.  It’s a bit of a spoiler so ask me in person if you want to know.  Some of the “ladies” at AsiaSF really do look good.  :P  Very fun atmosphere.  I was actually tempted to drink.  But definitely a bit crowded, even with the half-full situation.  I need more experience with my external flash though, or I need to check my photos more since the food photos kinda got messed up from improper flash use.


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