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October 5, 2008

Joyce’s birthday celebration

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Eh, so many people were sick or couldn’t make it so it was just four of us.  Me, David, Joyce, and Nancy.

Lunch at Tanto where we all had their littleneck clam ramen and we each picked an appetizer.  I got crab croquette, Joyce picked a pork dish, and David picked chicken wings.

After that, since it looked like it might still rain, we went to The Tech museum.  Nancy came at this time.  It was actually pretty interesting, since there was also a Leonardo exhibit so we got to see a lot of working models of his inventions.  Even the IMAX film we saw (Adrenaline Rush) mentioned him.  The MAO levels (affects risk-taking behavior) became a topic of discussion for the rest of the day.

Dinner was at Kubota restaurant.  We ordered a chicken sukiyaki to be shared by all, Joyce and David got a combo chirashi with some udon, Nancy only had chirashi, and I got a beef short rib with calamari tempura combo.  The beef short ribs were really really good.  The tempura was a little more meh.  So definitely get beef short ribs if you go there.

Then it was to Joyce’s house to eat cake from Satura Cakes, which Joyce had been looking forward to for a very long time.  :P

’twas a good day.  Happy birthday Joyce!


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