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September 12, 2008

Republicans lying and dodging questions, so what’s new?

Here’s a couple videos on one of GOP’s new attack ads where they pretty much lie.  And they’re getting called out on it.  First one shows the video.  Second one you get to watch a Republican strategist squirm as he’s questioned over it.

Also, here’s a couple interview videos about Palin.  If so many Republicans/conservatives were really as Christian as they claim to be, they should be praying to God to save us from her, not thinking about voting for her (which is really what they’re doing)



  1. Ya know, I wanted to email Hillary and ask her “How does it feel’ to be vilified on every comment – to have your words twisted – to be reduced to a sound bite, editted in the most demeaning way. To have the mainstream media preface any information on you with a deragotory and condescending comment. To close their ‘reporting’ with a snide remark.
    The MSM honestly believes we are a bunch of robots who will be pursuaded by their agenda driven ‘commentating’. Thank God, the media has finally exposed themselves for what they are. Propoganda, Propoganda. You know, I might believe in global warming except that the media told me so. Anything and everything they say, I absorb with a great deal of skeptisisn and look for their angle. Whats getting worse is its not just a slant now, it’s outright lies.
    Do yourself a favor, don’t rely on the media – look up the information for yourselves. Hillarys camp actually said that Fox news what the most fair. Imagine that!
    When you know the facts (and then watch the media), your informed enough to know when there outright lying to you are only telling you part of the truth.
    I am voting for McCain and Palin for many reason. Not because they are white – not because the VP pick is female but because I know that they will try to change washington. McCain has a history ( a long history) of reaching out to the other party (to his detriment to losing his base) because thats the way you get things done.Obama has voted party line (when he voted other than present) all the time. There is no change here. They are polarized in washington while we out here are struggling to keep our homes, feed our kids, try to save for some sort of retirementm, fill our gas tanks so we can get to work and day care.
    God bless ths country. God bless John and Sara to be able to do something Bush could not do and Obama will not do and thats shake up the elite, snobbish, narcasistic, pompeous, special interest, power hungry, I am better than you crowd in Washingto.
    I want a good strong military. I don’t want to be in a 9/11 again without the capabilities of defending ourselves like Carter did. For heavens sake, McCain was a POW. If anyone knows the horrors of hell/war, he does. He’d never jump into one without just cause.

    Comment by donnafromflorida — September 12, 2008 @ 8:39 pm

  2. Ah, glad you mentioned John McCain’s POW status. John McCain, who promptly cheated on his crippled wife who took care of his children while he was a POW as soon as he got back, and then divorced her to marry his current wife. What a hero indeed!

    And speaking of records, I have no idea what to expect from Jukebox John and his 76 flipflops.

    Comment by dracil — September 12, 2008 @ 8:44 pm

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