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August 18, 2008

House of Wax (remake)

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I guess I wanted to expand my movie horizon a bit since I’ve kinda exhausted the more interesting movies from the zombie genre but wanted to watch more horror movies.

I thought it was gonna be something more like Waxwork, which I saw a long long time ago as a kid (well, probably a teenager) where people got sucked into the wax worlds if they got too close and would get killed in there.  Instead, this was more of a slasher flick with people being turned into wax figures while still alive (or dead), which is probably more scary though less interesting.  One thing that doesn’t make sense is whether or not it’s even possible to cover someone with wax such that they can’t even move.  Wax isn’t that hard, and it’s not going to stick to your skin to the point where if you peel the wax off, your skin and muscles will tear off down to the bone.  People wouldn’t be able to enjoy their BDSM fetishes otherwise.  Yeah yeah, suspension of disbelief.  I guess it was an ok horror movie, though I wouldn’t recommend it unless you don’t have anything better to watch.


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