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July 29, 2008

Ankle Injury Day 10

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Ugh, that was annoying.  Thought I had my first pre-op appointment was today (since that’s what they told me on surgery day) but apparently it wasn’t.  Which caused a bit of stress on everyone involved.  They managed to call me before I left at least.  The confusion was that they’d also given me a card that had he appointment for next week, but I didn’t have it with me for the surgery day (they told me not to bring anything) or I would’ve noticed.  I checked with them yesterday but they seemed unsure what day I was supposed to have my appointment (and even today, they put me on hold several minutes after they called me to check).  Geh.

So, the pain from putting my foot off elevation isn’t necessarily pain I think.  It’s more like a pinching/tightening feeling, like someone was holding my foot and exerting pressure.  Well, on one side anyway.  The end of the fibula I think, where the bone protrudes out on the outside of the foot, like a small ball.  That’s where the pressure is.  Maybe that’s where the screw is?

Reading about some people’s experiences it looks like if I ever get the metal stuff removed, I’m going to be incapacitated for a couple weeks as well, though it’ll probably be better in the long-run.  That means I need to time it at a time where I know I won’t have much happening.  It isn’t two weeks yet and it’s already extremely inconvenient.  It’ll probably be next year when it happens anyway.

Wheelchair people came with a smaller wheelchair.  Still too big.  Meh.  Maybe I should’ve kept the bigger one, at least it’s more comfy.



  1. well I hope u feel better sorry about your appointment’s I haven’t had that problem yet my doctor & his people are nice & on their job (at least for now). how do u feel about getting the hardware removed? I’m kind of scared but I want to be able to run after my 2 kids.

    Comment by terin3054 — August 8, 2008 @ 9:05 am

  2. I think removing the hardware is better in the long run for the bones. The inconvenience will be annoying though. Supposedly they can set off wand metal detectors too.

    Comment by dracil — August 8, 2008 @ 1:58 pm

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