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July 21, 2008

Jenny’s birthday celebration (kinda)

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So Sophia picked me up and took me to get the cake and then we got to the restaurant early.  My fried rice was pretty bad I think.  Though most of the other stuff looked good.

After that, we went ice skating, we watched Sharks Junior’s game while waiting for Jenny and Eric to arrive after sending Joyce to the airport.  Then we started skating and that’s when a series of unfortunate events occurred.

First, I fell while skating and broke my leg, though at the time I thought I’d merely sprained it.  The employees there seemed really afraid of liability and wouldn’t give us anything really, and they actually wanted me to sign a paper saying “Refusal to permit medical treatment”?  WTF.  Their idea of medical treatment was to just call 911.

Anyway, then the power went out, so we couldn’t buy anything either ’cause the cash registers wouldn’t work.  And we decided hospitals may not be a good idea, so we decided to split up (sorry Jenny :()

While on the way back, we got into an accident with a taxi but they decided to go their separate ways.  No one was hurt.  We were actually not going that fast, but the taxi was but we hit the taxi.  So the damage seemed rather severe though but there wasn’t much of an impact (it was like a T shape)

After getting home my landlord took me to an acupuncturist he knows from church, who looked at me and decided I needed to go to ER and get xrays.

We went to UCSF and eventually I found out I fractured by fibula and dislocated/tore my deltoid ligament.  He put my leg in a splint and I was given crutches though I’m still finding it hard to use them.  Especially when going up stairs.  I don’t imagine going down will be any easier… and the whole process feels kinda dangerous (when they gave me the crutch, I think it was a tad too high so going up was even harder.

I’m going to need surgery and will be working from home for the time being…


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