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July 20, 2008

Tour de Fat

Ok, so as promised, here’s my entry on Tour de Fat at Golden Gate Park from yesterday.

I was actually kinda hesitant to go because of the beer theme (it’s sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Company).  But I’m actually glad I went.  Despite the sponorship, it’s basically a bike festival.  I didn’t go for the bike parade but caught most of the other stuff.

As expected, I saw Frank Chu there as well (or his sign at least).

There was also this small area where you could ride these weird bicycles.

Most entertaining group was Nanda.  There was action, there was humor, and there was acrobatics.  Bonus points for the Wong Fei Hung music and the use of Che Ling (not in the same act).

Glad I used my telephoto lens this time as it let me get more shots away from the crowd though I wish I was taller.  Made use of the chairs a lot.


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  1. i just went tothe tour de fat at the homebase in fort collins this weekend. it was amazing. i’d really recommend giving the bike parade a try if you ever get a chance, it was a blast.

    Comment by whentheelephantsarrive — September 7, 2008 @ 10:16 pm

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