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July 20, 2008

Camera sensor cleaning…

I shouldn’t have checked my camera for dust.  I really shouldn’t.  Especially knowing my personality.

I think out of sheer coincidence I noticed a spot on one of my pics.  Then I decided to do a test shot and do Auto Levels in Photoshop.  And then I saw all the dots on the screen.

6 hours, several dozen pec pads, lots of E2 solution, and almost 200 test shots later… I finally reached a point where it was clean enough that I didn’t want to risk making it worse.

(The reason the pics look different was the first was shot at the sky while the second was shot at a piece of paper with flash in my living room.  I think the light gradient in the second shot is because the the lamp is to the right, and the weird pattern is just the paper’s texture/wrinkles).

Anyway, much of the time was wasted cleaning the wrong part of the sensor.  I basically confused left and right as I was cleaning and I was trying to remove those specs in the bottom left corner unsuccessfully (there was more.  Also, note to self: that means clean the top left corner).  I should’ve read #4 on the Copper Hill cleaning method.  Would’ve saved me a lot of trouble.

Also, I need to use less solution/wait longer.  A lot of the time was spent removing the streaking caused by using too much solution.

I really hope future cameras will have a more effective dust removal system… (Olympus is supposed to have the best one right now)

Realistically, the dust isn’t actually noticeable in normal usage.  These images were stopped down to F/22.

Anyway, I *was* going to blog about the Tour de Fat which I was at today, but after this ordeal, I think I’ll save it for the morning.


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