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July 17, 2008

SF smoking ban proposals

SF Gate Article

As a person who hates smoke, I say, yay!  It’s about time!

There’s basically 2 laws they’re thinking of passing in San Francisco.  Newsom is proposing banning cigarette sales in pharmacies.  Daly is proposing banning smoking from smoking 20 feet from business entrances.

The first law makes perfect sense.  It’s kinda hypocritical for pharmacies to sell treatments for tobacco-related symptoms while selling tobacco at the same time.  Some people (smokers) complain that that the remaining stores would raise cigarette prices.  That just sounds even better.  That means people will be less likely to smoke (or smoke as much).

The second law, well… the first obvious problem which I agree with is that smokers should at least be allowed to smoke inside smoke shops.  The second is enforcement.  I’ve never seen any “no smoking with x feet of y object” ever enforced.  Which means this is more like a feel-good law than a practical one.

Also, apparently people may still be allowed to smoke marijuana in the streets, which is just stupid and the feeling of discrimination by tobacco smokers is justified.

Personally, I wouldn’t be so annoyed at smokers if they aren’t always standing UPWIND from people at bus stops and stuff.  Seriously, that’s inconsiderate because they’re forcing everyone else to move to get out of their smoke (or passively suffer its effects) because they’re too lazy to move themself.



  1. An alternative to smoking bans

    It is clear that separation of smokers from non-smokers combined

    with air exchange technology is a complete solution to this largely

    artificial problem. All it takes is regulating authorities setting the

    standards for indoor air quality on passive smoke, and the technology

    does the rest. Such air quality standards are common in industrial

    and environmental contexts. But, to date, no country in the world has

    set them for smoking areas. It seems clear that the reasons are not

    scientific, nor are they economic or technical: they are political.

    The anti smoking agencies do not want safe standards that would still allow

    people to smoke…they simply want a ban that will push smokers

    outdoors like outcasts.

    Comment by Thomas Laprade — July 17, 2008 @ 9:36 am

  2. You really need to change what you write. I’ve decided to remove the links because you’re simply copying and pasting the exact same thing everywhere, which is essentially spam.

    Especially since it is clear to me that you didn’t even read the article or what I wrote. These bans have nothing to do with indoor smoking.

    Comment by dracil — July 17, 2008 @ 11:35 am

  3. Here in New Zealand we’ve had no smoking ANYWHERE in a public place for years. The first challenge was the pub. People felt that a drink and a smoke went hand in hand and it would be the end of the social gathering. I have to admit to going in to a strange atmosphere when the doors first opened to the new rules,this is speaking as a one time smoker for many years…. haven’t done so now for at least seven!!) and the toll was felt at first. A of boycott came about. A feeling of “if we don’t go in they’ll have to change the law again”. This never came of course and now everyone is happy.
    Sadly though the good conversation pits are often outside in the smoking areas where a ‘fresco’ smoking tribe have emerged. It sounds odd to hear someone saying ” I’m just going inside for a breath of fresh air!

    Comment by freebornman3 — August 3, 2008 @ 12:32 am

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