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July 6, 2008

Corona Heights

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As I was bored, I decided to look for a new park in SF that I’d never explored.  I settled on Corona Heights, which is a bit NW from the Castro Station.

Yeah, it was a bit of a hike.  Worse than walking up to Coit Tower because the ground’s rougher and the wind.  Oh, the wind.  I felt kinda unstable at times while going up because of how strong the wind was especially with an unbalanced 7KG backpack behind me.

I tried to do a panorama which was ok, except I forgot one very important thing.  Manual exposure!  I just kept it on program mode so the lighting was different as the scene changed.  I’ve tried to fix it but it resulted in a reverse exposure effect.  i.e. the parts that were too bright are now the darkest part of the panorama, and the parts that were too dark are the brightest.

Processing the panorama wasn’t easy either.  It was over 40000 pixels wide and took over 1GB of RAM.  If I had a slower computer I don’t think I would’ve bothered.  :P

Oh, did I mention how bad the wind was?  It was so bad that when I moved my tripod to the edge, all the pictures turned out weird like there was some sort of Photoshop distortion effect applied to it.  Also, I used my bag as a stabilizer (about 4KG with much of the equipment removed) and… well the hook kinda broke.  It’s still perfectly usable but it no longer retracts.  Some piece got loose and the spring got separated from somewhere.

I’m pretty sure this should be covered by the warranty…

Well, the less than perfect panorama means I’m gonna have to do this again.  Though I’ll probably try a different hill.  Either Tank Hill (which is right next to it), or Grand View Park, which is close to Golden Gate Park in Inner Sunset.


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