Dracil’s BlogJournal

July 5, 2008

It was a cloudy and foggy night

Yeah, not the best place to see the fireworks this year.

I went out with Tili and her friends.  Never been with so many art people before.  :P

We went to the Osha Thai on 2nd street for dinner.  This I believe, is supposed to the best Osha Thai quality wise, and the decorations actually weren’t bad either.  The food was also decorated better, with flowers on top of most of the dishes.  At first, we underpaid by $0.85 cents, which was embarassing for everyone, so a couple of us just threw in some change.  But as we left the waitress ran out after us saying we were now missing $20?!  After a bit of checking and she ran back inside, ran out, and said we were definitely missing $20.  But another waitress came out and told her that the $20 wasn’t actually missing (so I guess she must’ve taken it already or something).  Yeah, whoops.

We then walked to Pier 39 because all the buses were pretty much packed.  Though we were a couple hours early, it was already pretty crowded.  We saw the Pier 39 Garage so we went to the top floor there where we stayed.  Half the group went to find a bathroom and buy some stuff and didn’t come back (which might’ve been a good choice since it was pretty cold up there).  There were probably a dozen tripods up there.  There was a bit of mental chimping going on as we looked at each other’s equipment.  :P (I probably had the most expensive tripod/head but I saw some pretty big L lens).

Of course, going home was chaos.  We actually sat down and took some pictures of each other along the way so it wasn’t too bad.  I pity the poor fools who drove to the pier though.

Happy 4th of July!


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