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July 1, 2008

On spoilers (or how WALL-E was ruined)

Though at least I can still say I’m a romantic.

So yeah, she pretty much ruined the movie for me.

The moment was kinda deadened by the foreknowledge and spending the movie pretty much expecting it to happen (and yes, it was exactly what I thought it was).   But at the critical moment, I know I wasn’t as moved as I would’ve been sans spoilers.   And I was moved in parts of the movies. Anyway, the movie itself is good.

The skewers themselves weren’t bad, but the portions did feel a bit small for the price.   Cat joined us in the theater when she arrived.   We barely made it to the movie on time but it wasn’t too crowded so we still managed to get decent seats.   And they somehow lost our order which cost us about 20 minutes.   Met up with Jenny after work and we ordered our food at Askew Grill.

I think it was because the tea was too bitter, then combined with the sweetness of the pudding it just tasted weird.   It tasted kinda spoiled or something, but I don’t think it actually was. The boba I got today also tasted funny.

Eh whatever I thought.   She sputtered a bit and eventually said it wasn’t a big deal and that it wasn’t what I thought it was.   I explained why her reasoning was wrong, and then I realized that she’d just said a pretty important spoiler, and I said so.   She was talking about how she was no longer a romantic and I remembered it was something about WALL-E, and then she just continued on with what she didn’t like about it.   Well, Joyce called me and asked if I wanted to have lunch at the Tea Garden again, but I’d already eaten, so I said I’d just have boba. Today wasn’t a good day in general.

Because they both forcefully deprive someone of their right to choose how they experience their first time on their own terms.  And not just any rape, it’s like raping a virgin.  Spoilers are a type of mental rape.

(Note: this entry is backwards)


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