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June 28, 2008

Tea Garden, Critical Mass, Birds, and Aliens

Had a surprise call from Joyce who was free for lunch (she’s usually not free).  So we went and got stuff from Tea Garden.  Boba was good, I thought the meat portion was a little small but otherwise ok, but Joyce said her noodles had been cooked too long so were kinda mushy.  This ended up being a bit of an extended lunch break.  But it was a pretty slow day at work.

After work realized that it was Critical Mass today and I actually knew the time and when it would start, so I actually had time to go prepare unlike the previous times where it caught me completely by surprise.  As such I was able to get some shots of people waiting to start.

I put on my telephoto lens (Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS) and then had fun with it as this was my first time actually using it.  Critical Mass actually became a lot less interesting with these lens and instead, I started photographing birds instead because I was able to get a lot closer (image wise) to them than I’ve been able to before.

Watched Aliens with Ching later on.  This is the special edition version, which is different from the original version I’ve watched countless time back home.  I’m not actually convinced that this version’s better though.  It fleshes the story out more but it also breaks the flow a bit and diminishes the impact of the alien encounter once Ripley and co. went down to the planet.

Then Ching insisted on showing me Death Becomes Her, which I eventually realized I’d seen before.


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