Dracil’s BlogJournal

June 22, 2008

Saturday Outing

Urk, though I woke up around on time, I thought Leqi wasn’t up yet, so wasted a bit of the morning.

We went to eat at Osha Thai first since we were already there.  Garlic Pepper Lamb and Crab Pad Thai and Thai Iced Tea.

We went to my office after that since I needed to print out the tickets and check where the restaurant for dinner was.  Leqi got a very quick tour of my workplace and surprisingly there was actually someone working at the office today.

After that, we looked at the the arts and craft being sold at the Farmer’s Market since she was looking to buy some souvenirs for people back home and then walked our way to Pier 33 since the bus stops looked extremely crowded.

Very long line to get on the Alcatraz Island tour boat though it went by pretty fast.  The boat ride was cool since the wind was REALLY strong.  There were a lot of seagulls there which I hadn’t expected, but it made sense.  The audio tour itself was pretty neat as well, as I was originally disappointed that we weren’t going to get a tour guide (it’s only for night tours).

We then made our way to Ghirardelli Square where we had some sundaes and she got some chocolates to bring back as gifts.

Then we took the bus on over to Foreign Cinema, but since we were early we walked around for a bit first.  We shared the meal again since neither of us were really hungry, but we got half a crab, soup, and a fish dish.  We tried to drag it out so we would actually be there when the film started (it starts when it gets dark, which was around 9 today).

Ching then decided to show up and sorta became a third wheel.  :P

After dinner, we walked her to the Bart station as she was going to go watch the new Hulk movie with her friends, and Leqi and I went home after that as she still needed to pack and I’m watching the movie later with other people.


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